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Justin Beaver voted as the best voice. Female category.

In a one-of-its-kind survey carried out by Peepal's magazine, Justin Beaver easily beat all competition and was unanimously (and anonymously) chosen as the favorite voice of music lovers all over the world. In the female category. Ahem.

The survey, carried out on thousands of music lovers had put on poll a collection of numbers by various artists from across the globe, both male and female. Those participating in the survey were made to listen to each of these songs and vote two of them as their favorites, one each for the female and male category. They were not told who the songs were sung by as the survey had the objective of not letting the singer's popularity interfere with the choice of genuine music. The participants had to simply submit in serial order, their two favorite songs (one male, one female- from what they heard) as part of the poll. 

The results, which were released for the media today only, have revealed that people's favorite female voice was that of entry no.50 (Justin Bieber's "Eenie Menie"). The corresponding winner in the male voice category was India's entry no. 55000 (Himesh's "Ashiq Banayaaaaan" ). Most people reasoned that this voice was the funniest of all and had them LOLing and ROFLing literally, as they couldn't believe it was actually called 'singing'.

NTMN velli reporter Surili had to go on a date with a desperate Justin Beaver to know his opinion about the 'win'. It was Justin's miserable COLing (Crying Out Loud) that melted Surili's heart and made her agree for the date. "Kids don't look good crying, you know", said the kind woman. But not forgetting her responsibilities, Surili cleverly made Justin speak his heart out about the 'honor' that he fetched. This is what he had to say:

SURILI- Hey baby, how does it feel to be number one, in the female category? (controlled naughty grin)

JUSTIN- AWESOME. Music is music, male or female. The NUMBER ONE title is all that matters. I was born to rock the world, not to be 'rocked' at, get that all you losers! Yo yo yo! (and he starts singing Babie babie, babie ooooohhh yeah....!)

SURILI- How do you think this "awesome" win will help you?.

JUSTIN- This will show to the world WHAT I am. THIS will make me the most desired thing in the world, showing everyone how gravely they had underestimated me and my talent! I might also finally be able to get girls of my height to model in my music videos, so I won't have the neck aches 'coz of all those bloody tall hotties who used to treat me with candies and lollipops on the set all the time. I will no longer be the cutest around, but the very hottest. Baby baby oooohh

SURILI- hahahaha, "hottest". You sure have a great sense of humor my child. By the way, your future plans?

JUSTIN- Yep, there's a splendid line of special Justin Bieber dolls that I'm gonna launch very soon.
Justin Justin everywhere. How many can we tolerate?
SURILI- That's surprising!! If Justin Bieber dolls are yet to come, then what are you? and your ventures. Funny kid. Anyway, it's the 'female' tag that got you this win. So, anything to thank us, the females?

JUSTIN- (grumpily) Huh. Yeah yeah. I am also launching a line of special Justin Bieber nail paints for all you gorgeous women to make sure you don't stop drooling over me . You'll like it as much as you like me, baby baby baby ooooohhhh.....

Someone's looking smoking hot, what say?
This got Surili extremely irritated of the "rockstar's" behavior. She couldn't help slapping him and saying, "it's time to brush your teeth and go to bed, jerk". Though by then, our job was done.

But when Justin lay down on the floor and started crying his lungs out, swinging his legs in air and thumping fists against ground, Surili this time sang in her not so surily voice, "baby baby baby oooooooohhhhh...".
She also tried to contact Himesh Reshammiya to know his take on the international level 'victory', but his secretory shunned her attempts saying, "Sanki kahin ka, fir kisi E-grade movie ki shooting karne outdoor gaya hai. Somewhere called, Naak-pur.

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