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60 Things To Do Before You die

This isn't exactly just my "bucket-list". So read on and find out how many of these things you want to do—at least once in life—and how many you have done already. 

But before you go ahead, I want to tell you, that writing this list did wonders for me. I saw myself travelling back and forth in time, understanding my own self, my wishes and once again dreaming the way I used to, as a child—when I didn't need to be so practical or wise.
You too, my friend, must do this. At least once. And when doing so, follow only your heart, not your brain. Because the brain suggests only things that you will, or will be able to accomplish. That is where the disappointment of real life seeps in.
      The heart, on the other hand, forces you to do anything and everything that shall make you happy—however illogical. It comes with some consequences sometimes, which is why we cannot follow the heart in our real lives. But when thinking of the 50 (or so) things you must do before you die, let your heart rule. You always wanted it to, isn't it?

Ultimately, all that we all want to do before we die is to live our lives fully. And you know how that is possible? By experiencing every emotion, every situation, every up-and-down at least once. Failure, success, happiness, sadness, pain, tears, pride, nobility, peace, satisfaction, dissatisfaction and so on and on and on. The sixty things listed below, have been devised on the same lines. I urge you to not be judgmental, for once, and instead use this time asking yourself: what all do I want to do before life ends?

The list can obviously not be exhaustive. But if I am able to accomplish even three-fourths of all this, I'll assume having lived my life really. Do expect a few errors here and there—grammatical or otherwise.

  1. Learn to play at least one instrument.
  2. Having done that, now compose a song entirely of your own, in your voice.
  3. Fall in love.
  4. Fall out of love.
  5. Now fall in true love :P
  6. Do a live concert—in your own room, with no one as the audience, and yourself singing at the top of your voice.  
  7. Openly tell someone how much you like them and why.
  8. Openly tell someone how bad you hate them and why!  
  9. Spend a day doing something special for each of your loved ones; make them smile, give them a long hug, tell them full-on sentimentally how important they are and why.
  10. Do something REALLY adventurous—something you wouldn't in your senses.
  11. Put up an unedited, full-profile picture of yours as FB display pic. :P
  12. Start writing an autobiography.  
  13. Stop writing the autobiography thinking that no one is going to read it.  
  14. Create a blog.  
  15. Admit that you don't understand why the world hates Justin Beiber so much!
  16. Face some form of on-stage embarrassment in front of a huge audience.  
  17. Attend a big rock concert. Even if you don't understand rock, head-bang like hell.
  18. Tell someone who hurt you how big a loser they are. Write a hate-letter to them. Give it back to them IN THEIR FACE.  
  19. Go about with your friends ringing peoples' door bells and then disappearing.  
  20. Get into the waters if you don't know how to swim.
  21. Go on a world tour... and not on one of those fancy packages. Do all the (un)planning.
  22. Write/think of your Oscar-winning thank-you speech. You will realize who are the people you owe a lot to.
  23. Take a day off to go driving... freaking AIMLESSLY!
  24. Spend one day just to look your very best; at whatever cost it takes.
  25. Do something really worthy for school. Pay back to your alma mater in some measurable way.
  26. One birthday in a crowded place with people singing out HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU aloud, smudging your face with cake and doing stuff totally nonsensical.  
  27. Dance in the rain like you don't give a shit to the world, or the cold that you'll be catching the next morning.  
  28. Take up a job you love.
  29. If the above is not possible, then fall in love with the job you have. :P
  30. Admit for once in front of your friend that you didn't call back on seeing his/her missed-call because you were lazy/stingy/disinterested.
  31. Gift something great to each one in your family with your first salary.
  32. Create your own sign language with someone close 
  33. For ONCE get a haircut you never tried before—something totally different, untried, maybe awkward.
  34. Learn to say NO when you mean NO.
  35. Spend at least one day doing something for the poor, illiterate, destitute. You are only trying to reduce the poverty of your heart this way, not theirs.
  36. Cry when in pain. Even if in public. You don't always have to hold back when you can't.
  37. Appear on T.V. In a way noticeable enough to be proud of.
  38. See your favorite artist/band perform live! 
  39. Write a book. 
  40. Help someone not close to you in a way that they won't forget. So when you die, there'll be at least someone wishing that you were alive, not out of love or attachment, but out of sheer remembrance of your goodness.   
  41. Know yourself better than anyone else.   
  42. Go out on a full-day luxury date—with your mom.
  43. One achievement to call your own, something you (even if not the rest of the world) can be proud of.
  44. One stage-performance in front of a huge audience—being cheered for like a rockstar. 
  45. Get dressed up as someone from the opposite sex.  
  46. Get your heart broken really brutally. Once. 
  47. Get over the heart-break like a true hero.
  48. Save someone from being bullied and tell them why they cannot let just anyone bully them and what exactly they need to do about it.
  49. Dream. Dream. DREAM the desirable, however impossible! And for once, don't regret doing so!  
  50. Take mom on a world-tour.
  51. One 'spiritual vacation'. Maybe in The Himalayas.
  52. Learn as many different skills as you can. Photography, art, dance, movie-making etc. You don't have to be the best at them all, but you gotta give them all a fair chance.
  53. Learn to talk to strangers you meet while travelling.  
  54. Spend some days out in the woods with no resources other than yourself at disposal.
  55. Have a personal diary to speak out your heart to.
  56. Act/Speak-up against injustice of any kind, for once.
  57. Create a "Happiness Diary" with pictures/cartoons/caricatures of all the tiny little things that make you happy.
  58. Fulfill one thing from the bucket-list of someone really close and special. 
  59. Create your bucket-list. Write down all that your heart says without wondering if you will ever be able to fulfill it.  
  60. Now set on a mission to fulfill your bucket-list, as much as possible. To live fully, is the most important thing to do before you die. 

Note: The post has been edited over time. We were all sucky writers 2 years back from now, weren't we.
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Anonymous,  December 20, 2011 at 3:28 PM  

I just want to do one thing from life:
To always strive to be a better man, a better person! In my book, honor and honesty supercede everything else. And, if down the line some fifty years later, I have no regrets, I will consider myself to have lived a happy life.

Sugandha December 20, 2011 at 8:00 PM  

@Anitha: thanks for dropping by. Hope you keep coming. Glad you liked the post. :)

@Anonymous: Since I know who you are and have thanked you in another set of comments already, nothing to say now. :P

Anonymous,  December 22, 2011 at 5:01 PM  

Amazing article.. Guided me a lot.

Shubham December 24, 2011 at 4:34 PM  

i have nominated u for the versatile blogger award.. have a look :)

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