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Year 2012 → 20 Resolutions That Should Be; 12 Resolutions That Shouldn't!

First up, let me tell you, I am not the kind who makes and breaks resolutions every year. Not at all! Instead, I make and break resolutions every day. Err...yeah.Which is why, I do not waste the last day of the past year or the first day of the new year in listing down things that I ought to be doing in the new year. I either do them, or I don't. Needless to say, it's the latter, more often than not. 
So here they are, 20 resolutions that should be:
  1. I will study. On days other than those just before an exam.
  2. When someone waiting for me somewhere calls up to ask where the hell I am, I'll say the truth.
  3. I will not sit in front of the computer 24x7. Sometimes, I'll stand too.
  4. I will not blame Engineering for my uselessness. I will blame it for every-damn-thing wrong with life.
  5. I will be good even to those who I don't like. Means, I'll punch them a little less harder.
  6. I will reject friend-requests from strangers. Without looking at their profiles.
  7. When someone asks me, "how are you?" and I know they are doing it just for the sake of it, I'll be truthful. Which means, I'll bombard them with stories of how I really have been and how worse people like them make it for me!
  8. I will get everyone who uses "Dear" while addressing any and every girl shot right in their head. To stick to the principles of humanity, I won't say after that, "they deserved it". 
  9. While on chat if the other person uses a word that I don't know, I will simply ask them what it means. Instead of doing this: open new tab  Google → "what is the meaning of..." → click best result & understand meaning → Back on chat → "Oh yes, I know what you mean. M-hmm."
  10. If someone says something that I don't like, I'll ask them to shut up right there. Instead of imagining later on, things that could have been said.
  11. I will learn to forgive and forget... my mistakes. Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. While driving on the roads, I will not look down upon female drivers with disgust. I shall remember that I am one of them too.
  13. I will take better care of my loved ones. Loved ones—other than myself.
  14. I will read the newspaper daily—the main paper more seriously than the supplement.
  15. I won't simply criticize the system, instead, I'll do something about it. Do what? Criticize. 
  16. I will not keep a tab of the number of people who subscribe to me on Facebook and also not rejoice at every new subscription.(What-the-hell-ever... 58 already, I am famous!)
  17. I will not judge people by their: looks, grammar, college, talent and sense of humor. Doesn't mean I'll not dislike the ones who don't have any of it.
  18. I will start reading more blogs. Other than my own.
  19. I will not sadden myself thinking how I could've been taller, slimmer, prettier. Instead I'll look at the ones who're shorter, fatter and uglier and... laugh at them. Jokers, haha!
  20. I will become a better person, a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter, a better student, a better human and... a better liar.
I hope you know all that doesn't have to be taken seriously. Actually, all this must be stuck-with forever and ever!
Going on with the nonsensical stuff, here are 12  resolutions that should not be
  1. If someone hurts me real bad, I will let them go without a punch in the eye.
  2. I will envy the ones who are better than me anywhere, instead of learning from them and getting inspired. (Yes I know, philosophical shit.)
  3. I will reach college on time. Early enough to be able to attend the first class. <faints>
  4. I will learn to value time... by getting a costlier watch.
  5. I will be more sympathetic towards the baby called 'Justin Beiber'. Why? Because he's a kid afterall. (A kid who romances long-legged lasses. WTH, let's just beat the shit out of him!!)
  6. I will not hate guys whose sense of humor thrives solely upon a)flirting b)puns with double-(not so innocent)-meanings. (This exercise will teach me how to ace the impossible. Humph!)
  7. I will not call guys who make hearts on Facebook and elsewhere GAYS. The same holds true for girls. (Just replace 'gays' by 'girly'. Sexist, I know!)
  8. I will respect people who say "I didn't knew". (<omg>)
  9. I will stop looking for 'ways to generate money from blogging' in the name of 'writing for fun'.
  10. I will begin to dislike Ranbir Kapoor just because he is a playboy in real life. (Uh-huh whatever.)
  11. In a situation where I have to be witty, I will go with the wittiest answer (actually a question) of 2011—Why this Kolaveri Di? 
  12. I will not look down upon girls (and boys) who can't stop posting pictures of themselves in various poses; especially when I know, I have had my share of self-obsession too.
    What the hell, it wasn't SO bad. Eww.
So, that was it! The "should be" and "should not be" bucket-lists I prescribe for us all, for the year 2012. Funny enough, I hope?

Resolutions, or no resolutions, here's wishing you all a DAMN 
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just hope that we don't die. And welcome the new year with just one resolution in mind: I WILL STAY HAPPY :)

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Pratik,  December 31, 2011 at 4:13 PM  

20 things:
8 - Haha, good one!
9 - You know you could just use 'define: word' in the address bar and press enter.
12 - Spot on! Female drivers are actively or passively involved in 90 percent accidents!
18 - Please.
19 - LMAO.

12 things:
3 - Best f luck!
5 - The parentheses part is awesome.
6 and 7 - TOO FUNNY!

Sugandha December 31, 2011 at 6:13 PM  

@Pratik: Thanks for the comment! I like the way you specify your response to particular points everytime.
And am so glad that the humor worked. And the define:word thing doesn't work for me. But yeah,that's no excuse for not knowing it. :P

And HEY. 12) is no spot on. I am one of them too. Just that I would be really able to know if I am like the ones who irritate me if I saw myself driving. But that's not possible. So yes, I rock. :P

Giribala December 31, 2011 at 8:30 PM  

Interesting! Best wishes :D

Sugandha December 31, 2011 at 11:01 PM  

Thanks ma'am! Best wishes to you as well. :)

Ms. Capricious January 6, 2012 at 1:41 PM  

I forgot the number of times I smiled :P and this was the best resolution list I ever came across :D There were many instances when I nodded my head ( smile still being there), but of all, the lady drivers( of which I am one who hates how they drive , lets not get into how they look, okay ?:P)made me smile widest :D

Sugandha January 6, 2012 at 6:41 PM  

Ms. Capricious,
Welcome here! :D
And I'm glad that my post could make you smile, that too, multiple times. Thank you so much!:)
And, lady drivers? Okay, let's just let it be. :P

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