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10 best things about girls' schools

Here are 10 things that, I suppose, make life in a girls' school rocking:

  1. Life is pretty much free from double-not-so-innocent-meanings. Be it the Geography teacher's mention of a certain "rapeseed" or those Biology lessons on Reproduction, everything is what it really is. Simple humor, simple life, simple smiles. 
  2. Girly talks uninhibited. For the lovelies who can't resist discussing about their nail-paints, hairstyles, latest trends and stuff, an all-girls environment works better. 'Coz when they do so in front of guys, it's the other girls who end up looking elsewhere sheepishly. #askMEaboutIT
  3. No bickering, bitching and message-passing for those helpless love birds; no going to school to "see someone special"; no friendships going bad due to stupid crushes; no making friends just to be friends with some-one; no fighting for a seat near that, it's getting cliched but, some-one again. With boys and their desperate acts not around, none of this to hamper the smooth-running of regular school-life.
    It is thanks to hearsay that I know of all the cheesy stuff that commonly goes on in co-ed schools. As corny as they may sound, girls' schools are thankfully, and obviously, free of all such bullshit. 
  4. You learn how to ace the impossible—how to understand girls. Though of course, only if you are a girl too. But then, as a matter of fact, girls are impossible to fully comprehend not just for the ever-so-weepy about this, guys; but girls themselves! Infact, forget about girls knowing other girls, it'd be a surprise if they can be sure about themselves even.
    How this helps? Well, god doesn't seem to have endowed any other species with as much variety as the fairer-sex. So when you get to know them inside-out, you get to know a lot about human-nature inside-out, in general—how sweet as well as bitter it can be, how selfless as well as selfish it can be, how fickle and oppositely, how focused it can be, and so on. Thus, you get to know not just two, but multifarious possible facets of you. (Some philosophy, that is, eh?)
  5. It is fun being "un-conscious". Having people of the opposite sex around, of whatever kind, certainly induces some amount of self-consciousness and/or discomfort, for anybody for that matter. You are bound to want to watch your actions, words etc, even if they'd have been harmless otherwise.
    Not that this is some problem, but then, was being at your natural best, ever short on fun?
  6. The teachers, get to be just teachers, for god sake! And not a part of some toddler's fantasies.
    I've heard of just too many guys having some liking—to say the least—for those "pretty gurus" who had the misfortune of teaching them. Liking for their smile, dressing-style, hair, laughter and so on and forth with the crap.
    This is why the idea of a girls' school brings more relief, to me at least. That doesn't mean there's no-one here taking daily note of their teachers' dressing-styles, hair, accessories, gestures and the like, but the manner is a lot more innocent. Just a bunch of growing-up girls looking up to pretty ladies they'd want to be like. A lot girly, that is, however. A lot, even for my imagination.
  7. Girls and their sense of humor at play. Contrary to popular belief, girls do have a sense of humor. And a way simpler and non-cheesy one at that. Unlike boys who seem to survive on jokes derived from the "bent" angle of their minds, girls can have a hearty laugh at: a couple of them imitating teachers and their ways, poking fun at each other's habits, sharing jokes and encounters with stupid people (guys) and so on. Not that all of them are funny, no. But many are; and the rest, can well appreciate the funny ones.
    As a last message on this, to all the guys who dare say that girls lack good sense of humor, it takes one an appropriate sense of humor to appreciate another's. You can today smirk at your being funny, most probably because a girl told you that. Roger that?
  8. They're funny creatures. :D Now this is not about their sense of humor, but girls, in general, are quite funny. Again, owing to the "variety" factor I guess. So you have all of them bundled up together in one crazy place: the blondes (dim-witted beauties), the pinkies (the ones with an addictive fetish for pink butterfly hair-clips, pink bags, pink watches and so on), the stinkies (yes, there are girls who stink real bad), the cool-ies (those cool-dudes of sorts: sleeves rolled up, abusive language, untied shoelaces ..basically with a way of dressing defying the very purpose of a school-uniform), the tomboys, the "mis-oriented" ones (you get the pun, don't you? I'd call them classic cases of some psychological identity-crisis and nothing else. Perhaps one downside of single-gender-education), the fighters, the back-biters, the jokers, the aunties, the nerds, the fashion-police (only girls can boast of knowing this weird art of inspecting uniform-clad people from the "fashion angle", or turning the whole uniform into something more "trendy". Although I, may I tell, have never been a fan of this skill) and finally, we have the smarties (those enviable pieces that smell of perfection) and so on's crazy, really.
    There is a wannabe inside every single human being, and possibly a bigger one in girls—all girls. It is when one of them goes berserk with it, that the others get a chance to giggle at them. Having said that, there's no denying that there are some guys and girls who just cannot get over their attention-seeking instinct of theirs, at any point of time.
  9. Order order. Even though girls nowadays could put their previous generations to shame, given their fearless approach that shouts more of feminism than plain "fight-for-our-rights" confidence, there is bound to be a lot more discipline in a school where there are only girls, than one where there are boys too. Thus, it is less likely—in a girls' school, may I add—to be left astounded at the noise of a sudden bomb-explosion in the classroom when Diwali's around; less likely for teachers to be backfired with rude and impolite answers from a student who doesn't study or complete her homework; less likely for a classroom to witness chalk-pieces and paper-balls floating in thin air or students skidding on the floor. Mind it, I only say "less likely" and not "impossible".
    Since we had our own moments of "dare-devilry" in school, you know. The whole class being sent to the principal's office for making a hell lot of noise in a free period or a bunch of students being meted out the classic punishment of standing in the corridor all day, head-down with shame, for littering the ground too bad, in a bid to celebrate a birthday or the last day of exams. Our own class once had it from the teacher, for spilling Pepsi all over the floor. We were trying to act smart and older than we were. As a result, we were put to cleaning the floors ourselves.
    All in all, girls do try such stunts at times. Maybe just to act older and bolder than they are, or to get a hang of something different, something risky, for that matter. But the best thing about them is that they won't, usually, repeat a mistake they last got scolded or punished for. They obey their elders. Yes, they really do. 
  10. And as I strike the last point for this post, I reckon, there's a lot more that can be told. But to sum it up all, I'd say, there are good girls and there are not-so-good girls. Upto school, they are in their making; after college, they become who they want the world to see.
    But whatever may be the case, for almost every girl, there's no alternate for a good girl-friend. The worst thing about us girls is that we get into envying one-another way too easily and way too much. Having said that, she may bond well with guys, but sooner or later, every girl is gonna need a female shoulder to cry upon, or for support. Because the emotional, psychological and instinctive constructs of a man and a woman can never match.

Cheers to girlhood. Cheers to the ten years of life with my Alma mater, Holy Child Sr. Sec. School. :-)

P.S: Wow, did that just show how good a man-free world might be? Let me know through the comments. 

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Kofykat October 8, 2011 at 7:06 PM  

Ha Ha. Although your description of tomboys is something that I really don't agree with. Me being one of course. But then again, I studied in a co-ed and had only male friends...still have only male friends. lovely blog post. Really enjoyed reading it.

Life Unordinary October 9, 2011 at 7:00 AM  

well said. as an alumni from an all girls convent school too, I can vouch for all of the above!

ravindra rajput October 9, 2011 at 11:22 AM  

Wow !!! is what first came out of my mouth after reading this article.
I had never known even girls can have so muuch and such kinda fun...hmmm..
nicely written :):)

Sugandha October 9, 2011 at 12:23 PM  

@Kofykat First of all, thank you so much for dropping by and reading this. I'm so glad you liked it! And I think you misunderstood that part, the "mis-oriented" ones are a category apart, I have given no description of the tomboys. "...the tomboys, the "mis-oriented" ones..." —see. I dare not mix them up. I was one tomboyish creature myself. :P Thanks again. :)

@Life Unordinary: I'm glad you dropped by and liked the post, thanks so much. And thanks for proving me right too! :)

@Ravindra Haha. Yes, they do, in their own right. Thanks for coming here and letting me know that you liked it. :-)

Usha Menon October 17, 2012 at 8:17 PM  

Your reasoning in favour of Girl's schools is very apt.Let the girls have a blast in the company of other girls. They have a full life in future to experience what happens in this world.

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