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Jagjit Singh (8.2.1941–10.10.2011)

Another demise. Of another man of brilliance extraordinaire. Isn't it strange, how people who don't even know of your existence, can cast such an inexplicable influence on your life, that their loss is shocking enough to wring your soul to tears.

 I was little, very little, when I first heard dad singing the ghazal Garaj Baras. Young, however I was, I so loved it. Heard it on several occasions from dad, and playing on one of his many cassette tapes often enough to be affected. What was strange was that, even when dad stopped listening to those cassettes after some time, the ghazal, the voice and the words, remained with me. So much so that, when I grew up and had internet access—which I didn't, till 12th standard— I looked it up one day and was just too happy to have finally found it. It's there in my phone still and I play it whenever the mood is a bit low and I feel like reflecting a little bit. I started listening to ghazals only because of the legend who is no more.

 I have seen him a lot on T.V, heard him and about him—from my parents, who'd tell me about his tragic life that witnessed the unfortunate death of his only son when he was just 21 and later, of his adopted daughter too. But he moved on, had to move on, and continued singing. It brings me to shivers, to think how hard it must have been, for him to let the musician in him to continue working, while the father in him was so broken.

 "Garaj Baras" that I talk of, isn't perhaps his most popular rendition. People's reminiscences of the legend, that are on right now, don't seem to be mentioning it; but for me, it is special and close to my heart. "Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho, kya gham hai jisko chupa rahe ho" is another one. But this is closest to me. I would suggest you to spend a little time listening to it and reflecting upon the words, if you listen to ghazal-music. If not, you might at least be able to measure the weight of the loss that the whole country is mourning.

 Some of its most moving lines:
 ...soch samajh waalon ko thodi nadaani de maula...
...jeene waalon ko marne ki asaani de maula...
...jhooton ki duniya mein sach ko, tabaani de maula...
...tere hote koi kisi ki, jaan ka dushman kyun ho...
...fir mandir ko koi meera, deewani de maula...

Here's the link:

 Won't say "R.I.P Jagjit Singh". If his soul can't rest in peace, no-one's can.

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