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5 Ways To Celebrate A Happy Diwali Without Crackers

Don't worry, I am not going to ask you to stay away from crackers. I am sure that if you do burst them, you'll be already knowing how harmful they are. It's common sense. When lighting one matchstick produces enough smoke to make us feel slightly choked, it's evident what so many fireworks can do the environment. So I am not going to get preachy here. For one, this isn't the biggest harm man is doing to the environment. Two, I don't think I am wrong in believing that we've all enjoyed bursting crackers during Diwali up to some or the other point of time, some of us still do, some have given up for different reasons. And it's easy to preach the doers when you aren't one of them. I believe in letting everybody have their own space. Who am I to ask people to stop using crackers just because I don't prefer them? Inform them, but then let them decide what gives them more happiness. It's a personal choice after all.

In my opinion, let at least the kids learn on their own. If they find celebrating Diwali with crackers and fireworks fun, let them have it. Instead of trying to stop them against their will, try, instead, to teach them that excess of anything is bad. Don't take away from them moments that are most likely to become precious memories for them, don't you remember your own days as a child eagerly waiting for the evening puja to finish, so you could go out to burst crackers and light flowerpots with your parents and friends?

So that means we have three kinds of people now—those who have completely abandoned fireworks for Diwali, those who use them in moderate quantities, and those who are full on firework fanatics. If you happen to belong to the first of these three categories, then you might find this post interesting.

Five ways to celebrate a happy Diwali without crackers:

1) Decorate Your House Better Than The White House: Seriously, there is nothing girly about it. It's your place, and the way you treat it, to a great extent, defines who you are. Cleanliness is godliness, beauty is happiness. As much as you might hate it, you will love the outcome. So help your mom in the Diwali cleaning as far as you can. On Diwali, light up the house inside out. For once in a year, don the interior designer's hat for your own space, and I assure, you'll be proud of it. 

2) Give Gifts, Get Gifts: Can't resist reusing them? No worries! It isn't the gifts exchanged that matter here, it is the ritual, the practice that does. When people who do not get to see each other the whole year, decide to visit each other and spend some time talking, eating and laughing, it strengthens bonds. You may or may not want or need them, you may or may not be fond of them, but it is always good to be friendly. Man is a social animal, they say. 
And while you do this, your kids (if any), or you, will be most excited about various things like – getting to meet cousins and friends, predicting who will give the "best" gifts, unwrapping presents with an enthusiasm that will always be more than what shall follow (no matter how great the present may be), and above all, getting to eat the best foods one does not get the rest of the year. 

3) Cook and Eat: I won't bore you by stating the obvious. Diwali is without doubt a foodie's dream come true. There is literally everything on the platter—dry fruits and nuts, chocolates, juices, sweets, chips, homemade delights, biscuits, cakes, and whatnot. You may be forty kilos, you may be eighty kilos, but Diwali doesn't come twice in a year, does it? Nor will your not eating fast food for one week or so reduce your weight. So as long as your health doesn't suffer, let the foodie in you indulge this Diwali.

And if you love cooking, what better opportunity do you need, than one where everyone around you is ready to eat anything edible that comes their way? A good foodie's greatest pleasure is food, a good cook's great delight is pleasing a good foodie. So buck up, take out all those recipes you had jotted down from watching television, and for once in life, go on to actually trying them.

4) Throw A Party: There couldn't be a better occasion than this to call over all your dear friends and relatives, and have a blast of a time. Sit together, play good games, share jokes and memories, sing happy songs, have good food and drinks, maybe watch a great movie, do creative stuff, and above all, DANCE! Show that one doesn't need to be good at dancing to have some fun, for it is all about letting yourself free.

5) DANCE, DANCE, DANCE: This might seem like an extension to point #4, but I think dance is a celebration in itself, and a festive occasion just compliments it really well. Uncle, aunt, mum, dad, grandpa, grandma, brother, sister, best friend, crush, love... basically anybody, or nobody! Just let the music play and dance like it is your last time. You will find bliss, and get to share it too!

I am publishing this post on a Diwali evening, so it might be too late, or too early (considering next year's Diwali). But I don't think you were waiting for me to tell you how to celebrate the festival, were you?

Eat almonds, avoid cashewnuts. Don't reuse gifts as gifts. Judge a present by its emotional value more than its monetary value. And study if your exams are coming up... sounds like an impossible Diwali, doesn't it? Heck, do whatever you want! :D

Here's wishing you a a very happy and prosperous Diwali. With or without crackers, I hope you have a safe and great one. Do let me know how you made your Diwali successful.


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Team Kailash Online November 17, 2012 at 11:49 AM  

Wish all of you a happy and prosperous Diwali.May this Diwali bring lots of happiness to your life

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