The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

About the author

The law of relativity is, perhaps, powerful enough to govern at least half of all science and three-fourth of all philosophy. Knowing this, is there a point in writing anything 'about me' here? For whatever I write will only show how 'I' see myself, but taking YOU as the frame of reference, the observations may turn out to be entirely different! So spare yourself the effort, you sneaky-peeky stranger!

Talking of the law of relativity, did I mention I discovered it? Well, you may call it a lie, I call it relativity.


Hi. My name is Sugandha, and I AM a terrorist. 
I am here (this blog), there (Facebook) and everywhere (Twitter), because people in the real world are just to pre-occupied with their own lives, to pay heed to 'expressionists' as hopeless as me. 
    Those who follow me are actually lucky, since they know better than the others, that there are things in this world, more irritating than life. I can be a depressing thinker at some times and a hopeless crazy maniac, an impossible prankster, at others. I believe sarcasm is the most respectable form of abuse and I love to practice it. Some people don't like it, and some people don't. :P

On a more serious note, I define myself as a free spirited soul living within a multiply constrained personality. That apart, some things I could say about me, in NO specific order, just in case you are interested, are: Operations Head at NTMN, third year Engineering student in DTU, avid blogger; hopeless dreamer, music-worshiper and thus not an atheist, keen observer, deep thinker, passionate writer, highly capricious, quite stubborn, probably judgmental and thus, mostly opinionated, not friendly, not easily likable, richly imaginative, mighty choosy about everything and everyone, emotional extremist, ambitious, real, sometimes funny (and modest too), absolutely self-aware, imperfect, not too bad a human being at heart. 

    Also, a die-hard Gemini, unintentionally so. All the rumors in this world about Geminis... hold true for me. That should say a lot about who I am. Sorry if this description doesn't sound as professional as it should. My Facebook profile might serve a better view of the "funny bone". But anyway, being a serious talker once in a while doesn't hurt a lot, does it?

Having blabbered all that i-this, i-that, I feel like Steve Jobs right now. So better, i-stop. Go check out the posts, if you will. Some of them are serious, some are fun; some are sensible, some are not; some others are sarcastic, a few are sad; some of them are witty, still others are plain failures at being so. 

I, am not perfect and have no qualms about it. At least, it provides me a goal in life—to become perfect: My favorite philosophy. (Apart only from: 
I can clap with one hand. Only your face is needed. :P)

Facebook page, you can see on the right.
Twitter Handle: @BornWhimsical
-No, I don't promise  to follow you back if you follow me. Let's just keep things honest, and not gimmicky. 

Happy reading! :-)

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Needless to say, the wise writer was/is me. :|

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