The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

"I want to write a novel. But I don't have a love story."

How many of you have sworn to 'do something different' every single day and digested the "resolve" with the next bite of your meal? How many of you have aggressively cursed our country's grade-based-racist education system à la '3 Idiots', everytime a nerd who, according to you, badly needs to get a life, stole away the limelight? How many of you find it hard to get over old school-memories, for the simple reason that those days of knickers and lollipops were when you last stood first, even if it was just a primary-school
recitation/declamation/dancing/any other competition? And here's the last question many of you have nodded the biggest "NO" your head could afford to shake, to the very possibility of working under a stern boss, in a 9-to-9 boring desk job that would be anything, but "exciting", and actually ended up panicking when it was time for placements to begin ? 

If you whispered a reluctant "me!" to any, or worse, all of the questions above, not to worry. Because you're certainly not alone. Joining hands with you in the struggle to 'be somebody' is Aakriti. Aakriti Mathur—the main protagonist of our story, the heroine, the lead her whatever you may, but she is who this story is about. She is who shall say, "I want to write a novel. But I don't have a love story." No suspense around that.

But what is it that would make her say so? 
Why does she want to write a novel? What's the problem then?
Why doesn't she have a love story? And how does it matter anyway?

If you find yourself interested in knowing the answers to these questions, and more, I will have to say so bad–just wait and watch! 
For this shall be a weekly series, hoping to be updated every Sunday (if my laziness doesn't play the spoilsport, that is :P)

The title is likely to have got some of you interested. It did, me as well. Let us all hope the story turns out to be just as interesting, if not more.
Bookmark this space, if you will. All the chapters would be shared here. 

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