The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

The gods who serve- Mothers

We all know what our moms mean to us. And why at all they do. There are these weird times of introspection when I place myself next to my mother, wondering if I could ever match up to the divine lady's spirit of life. Her sacrifices, her feelings, her selflessness, her unbelievably immense care for family ... et al. There are times when I make losses due to my careless mistakes, financial or others, so many times I do, and she has the patience to shrug it off all with a "leave it now.
What happened, has happened and can't be undone". 
And I?  The latest that I can recall is today morning's fight with my brother. He wanted to take my bag to school as I wasn't going to need it for the day. BUT, I wasn't willing to let go of it. Why? Simply because the bag was, mine.  Obviously, there happen worse(and I mean it!) fights, for sillier(and I mean this too!) reasons, started often by me– the eldest daughter of the house, but this one's certainly the latest that's mention-able.

Which brings me to this: where do I stand as a family-person? How many sacrifices am I ready to make for my dear ones? How many times am willing to forgive the younger ones, even my siblings, for harming or even using "my" things? What are "my" things in a family?

Everyone around talks of mothers as goddesses. Note, 'talk'. And then get over with it. In the end these goddesses have to keep serving us, keep working hard the whole day before fainting to sleep in the night, to gear up for another hectic morning. They wake up early in the morning, then wake everybody else up(and waking up us—kids who refuse to grow, sure isn't an easy job), prepare everyone's tiffin-boxes, get ready as fast possible, leave for work, come back home totally exhausted and go on and on and on with a/the strenuous schedule for the rest of the day, and night!
Sounds like the lifestyle of a "goddess"?

And what do we do in return? At max acknowledge all of this, yes, and that's it. In a long status update on Facebook or in an even longer post like this. Who wants to state me wrong when I say, doing something, anything, like this too is a mere cover for our hidden craving for appreciation from people who actually don't matter, that cashes in the number of "likes", while the "goddess-in-distress" continues to sweat in the kitchen, calling out to us, "beta khaana kha lo!".

Such realizations strike often, but amount to nothing. Just like this post that started from somewhere, ended up somewhere else and will lead to nowhere. Next, I'm going to make tea for mom- nearly the only thing I do for her in the whole day, sometimes. You, me and all non-mothers in general (that includes kids, fathers and everybody else in a family) will continue to label mothers as divine souls who deserve to be worshiped, while at the same time not meting out to them a treatment not even close to that— the worst form of hypocrisy in our society. 

We'd simply say we are "ordinary people" with not as many responsibilities and patience as a mother, thus excusing ourselves from the kind of effort that she has to put in. Bloody selfish jerks we are!

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