The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

I want wings...

Wings that take me away
from this world so confined.
Wings that fly me to a place
myself, where I could find.

I want wings.

Wings that set me free
Wings that let me be
Wings that allow me see
all that's, yet, unseen.

I want wings.

With them I shall fly
to heights unknown
With them I shall try
to find some time alone.

I want wings.

For life sometimes
seems so incomplete
Like a blank drawn out
Ah! so neat.

I want wings.

What is missing?
I don't seem to know
Yet, a solution
Looks no ready to show.

I want wings.

I do know life's pretty
I do know am happy
I do know I gotta be content
Yet this vexation, is so hard to prevent.

I want wings.

So much of the world
remains unexplored.
So many of life's chapters
are waiting to unfold.

I want to feel the sun rise
I want to see the waves collide
I want to breathe an air too pure
Into the depths of nature, I want to tour.

Hence I want wings.

Look there! It's a squirrel hopping
Elsewhere a monkey, it's mother is feeding
The waves making noise, over the seashore
And the pious breeze, the trees seem to adore.

For the leaves are swaying
as if dancing to songs unsung
Ah it's so calm, and different
from this life I once want to shun

For this! I want wings.

It's not like am sad
not like am alone
But an abominable lull sometimes
makes me feel like a drone.

I want wings.

Yes, I want wings
From these limitations to break free.
Yet I want wings
To discover who am destined to be.

Was imagining this all, in those moments of reflection
When silence shouts out all thy frustration
But by the end, myself I again could see
Which is a me, I never wanted to be. 

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Giribala January 17, 2011 at 1:10 AM  

Your talent and your hard work are your as far and as high as you can :-)

Raksha Raman January 17, 2011 at 12:40 PM  

I pray that -
Someday you get to be,
Who you want to be...
And when you turn back and see,
May you be filled with glee.

Lovely poem..the words sure convey the depth of the thoughts in play ;) :) I personally could relate to it.

I'm a total Yanni fan so the music obviously brought a BIG smile on to my face ;)

Cheers! :)

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