The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

Friendship, trust, honesty and....blah, whatever!

Why's it so hard to see
That everything wrong ain't in me
Why's it so easy to blame
And in everything amiss, to drag my name?


Why can't you understand
I can be right, you can be wrong
Why can't this blame-game cease
For we are friends, not the police!


These discussions, these debates
Hellish muddles, they tend to create
Pals ought to forget, not to forgive
Is it a fact, so tough to believe?


Not that am rightest, not that you're wrongest
Just that 'right'-'wrong', are concepts I can't digest!
You might say back too, all that I am saying
And that's how the grudges, shall keep piling.

You ask for honesty, in the friendship we share
Trust me I fail, to that everytime I adhere
'Coz my uncensored words seem to "hurt" thee
But isn't that why, frankness ain't everyone's cup of tea?

Innocent ignorance, I don't claim, no never
Neither do I expect you, to be friends forever
But while together, among us peace ought to stay
And such minor tiffs, we got to be kept at bay.

I'm not emotional here, I don't even intend to be
Your holding me wrong, I call a game of 'relativity'
'Coz you point the finger at me, I can do the same
Aye! If only, 'friendship' was a bond so lame.

Sarcasm applies to strangers, not friends, my dear
- a simple principle, in my life I like to bear
Hadn't it been so, I promise I could be meaner
But please I'm a friend! Not your competitor!


Maybe when you said you like an honest opinion
You meant so only for your dressing and times of fun
'Coz that apart, whenever my issues I tried to discuss
It all ended up in a huge huge mess.


About thy anger, I can't help not caring
When it's not valid, I happen to be knowing.
For the beauty of a bond, lies in the trust entwined
With that missing, every  gesture you shall mind.

And who is "you", may I now reveal
It's ANY friend, candidness to whom doesn't appeal. 

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