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This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

From the core of a music-touched heart and soul....

I had been wanting to post something new here so badly! Ever since my exams got over, I've been wondering what to write, not that am short of topics, but that am too full of them!
And then as I was just catching up on some of my favorite music, I got re-touched by my most favorite song ever, 'The Carnival of Rust' by Poets of the Fall. I heard it once, twice, thrice and many times again, like I always do with my most loved pieces of music. Then I remembered the first time I heard it. I don't know how, that particular day I had just stumbled upon it's video and as I was seeing that video, I knew I was seeing something TOTALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD. But unfortunately, I still lacked the understanding to interpret it.

Today, after an year or so, I saw the video again and tried looking up its meaning somewhere on the net. And what I found was a forum discussing this video as the most most magical video ever (true like ANYTHING!), but not easily interpretable(again, true like anything!!). But still, what I got to know was just enough to touch the very core of my heart, making every atom of me say, "Oh. My God. Too true!!".

And I share it here. It's one of those music moments, when nothing else seems to own my soul more than even myself. So it'll be a really kind gesture on your part if you could see the video once, listen to the song calmly and then match the meaning of it am giving below. I have a soul that THRIVES on music, so I can connect it with. Hope you do so too.

Do tell if my feelings could reciprocate to or not. 

This one post and the meaning behind this, makes me regret the last one. Couldn't have said more. 

  • THE VIDEO AND THE SONG- "The Carnival of Rust":

"It signifies our obsession with Gimmicks and how we are never patient enough to stick around and see if what we just did will turn into something that will make us happy. 

The woman in the mask pays attention to Marko (the singer) only for a brief time, then is drawn away by gimmicks and shiny things, forgetting him even though it could have been the best thing for her.  
Someone touches your heart , revives you  and finally leaves you without any attention.         
And why she leaves you ? 'coz she has found herself a new toy , 'coz she had been tricked by worthless , but shiny Pelf , presented by devils masquerading as angels... AND LEAVES HER REAL LOVER ALONE... "

In my words....

The world has been depicted as a carnival with all sorts of exciting things around. The lover stands caged, yearning for the woman's rain of love in this 'carnival of rust', crying his soul out, but the masked woman is pulled towards all the superficial glories around, symbolized in the video by the games, toys, riches and magic shows. Smitten by this superficiality, she wants to experience everything looking so beautiful and attractive, greed seems to take over as she is restless and wondering what all to try and what not (depicted by her looking at the limited amount of money she we want to play all games, but don't have enough resources for it). Hypnotized by the fake beauty of the world, she doesn't realize, that her real happiness lies in love, in that soul helplessly craving for her. 

While for the world, she is a just another nobody, like a customer at one of those stalls in a carnival. They call out to her, try to impress her, try to show to her that her happiness lies with them but once their purpose is solved (the money is in) she is a nobody for them again. And all the while, her lover is yearning for her attention, wanting to give her all the happiness, which she is striving to find in all things superficial and fake.

And when she realizes that she is still not happy, not at peace, is still incomplete and none of the riches (symbolized by the doll she wins as a prize)  can give her true happiness and peace, she looks back to search for her lover, but he is gone now. Forever. It's too late. 

The video is plain MAGIC, not just 'coz it's conveying the most important but forgotten lesson of life very very aesthetically, but 'coz it's not just another girl-boy affair, it's philosophical yet mystical, with a symbolism drawn between the world and a carnival, as it's backbone.


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sumit,  December 2, 2010 at 1:34 PM  

undoubtedly the bestest video i hv ever seen...gr8 metaphorical description of life....n ya dis line is simply amazing..."Someone Touches your heart , revives you , 'n finally leaves you without any attention." your words it's simply OUT OF THE WORLD...still being abt d world..:)

Tanay December 7, 2010 at 1:03 PM  

I did understand the video's story, which you said I wouldn't. Yes, the video was far more hypnotising than the lyrics. Mystical is the word. It was magical, dark, yet real — the screenplay was very impressive, and the design added to its mystical beauty. With a message. But I didn't understand the significance of the "caged" man.
Your interpretation was very beautiful.. good.

NIPUN CHAWLA December 15, 2010 at 3:21 PM  

Nice article...
"for the world, she is a just another nobody, like a customer at one of those stalls in a carnival. They call out to her, try to impress her, try to show her that her happiness lies with them but once their purpose is solved (the money is in) she is a nobody for them again."

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