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Love story?

"Can I talk to you for a while?" he asked her nervously. A bead of sweat prominent on the forehead.
"Umm yeah sure. What about?" she spoke in her soft, sensuous voice, mesmerizing enough to render any sane man speechless. 
"Ah well actually... I was... wondering if I... you... I mean, you and I... you know... uhm uhm..." no matter how hard he tried to look and sound less nervous than he actually was, he failed pathetically. Inside, he was only cursing the moment he had decided to talk to her finally, after many days of staring, wondering, imagining and fantasizing. 

"Uhm, am sorry but I can't understand you?" she spoke so beautifully! Her gorgeous blue eyes looking deep into his face with great intensity and expectation. As if desperately waiting for something magical to come out of the moment that she had waited for, for the past many days. 

He seemed lost in thought, apparently weighing all possibilities and then trying to decide whether to do it or not, to tell her or not. What would she say? he was going mad thinking. 

She, on the other hand, looked calm, at peace. Her beautiful face, gifted with sharp features, ocean-like deep blue eyes and skin as pure as gold, showed no expressions. It looked to him as if she was not so interested, but she was only pretending. She was a girl, afterall. How could she give herself away! She had to act innocent and unaware. 

"Hello?" she interrupted his line of thought, a little strongly this time. For how long could she hold back her eagerness, afterall. 

"Oh yeah am so sorry! Haa!" he took a deep sigh. 
The wait was driving her crazy. And irritated too.
I know what you want to say, I know why you're sweating so badly! But don't be so nervous dear that you find it difficult to say those words! How'll I say my 'yes' then!!, she spoke in her thoughts. Impatience was taking over her.
She hoped he'd find words after that long sigh. 

"Natasha, this is something I've been wanting to talk about, with you, for the past one week. No, two weeks rather," he spoke at length this time. But still didn't speak anything of relevance. The stats were what she was least interested in.
"So?", not once did she forget to act ignorant, as if she knew nothing. She was a girl, afterall.
"Yeah so, this is something of great importance to me. But I don't know if it'd be of any worth to you too, or not. Nevertheless, I'll say it, for my peace of mind."
"You know, there are some feelings, which if not spoken at the right time can give us a lot of pain later. The sooner we share them, the better it is," seemed like the deep sigh had helped. He knew what he had to say. And that he HAD TO SAY IT to her, then and there.
"Yes you're right. And...?" her hopes were at an all-time peak now. She was only glad to be sure that he will say it this time. 

"And... well this goes back to the time I first saw you. Two weeks ago, on our first day of college."

Their first day in college, how could she forget it!  She had come along with her elder brother, to complete all the formalities left for admission. That time, she and her brother were standing clueless about where to begin with. Having arrived late, they had missed all the instructions and everyone seemed too busy to help them. At that very moment 'he' had made a hero-like entry, as if en route to winning the girl by first impressing the elder brother, Hindi film style. 'He' got them the forms, told all the instructions, even helped her to fill all the details. 
With his helpful gesture, he had already begun to make her miss a beat or two. She had observed him carefully ever since, and he only looked more perfect. A tall, confident personality with a great smile and an extremely polite voice. Brown short hair, smartly but simply done up, a very fit athletic build, as if made for and from all day of footballing, an impressive attire with an even more impressive way of walking and carrying himself. She knew that very moment, she'd love to be his, forever, if only he felt the same.
Ever since, every single day their eyes had met, smiles had been exchanged and she had become more and more sure of him having something special to say to her, which he had not been able to gather enough courage for. 
Nevertheless, she had eagerly waited in great desire, cherishing every moment they spent together on the first day, that was still as fresh as now, in her memories. 

But she didn't show it. She was a girl, never forget that.

"Oh yeah! The first day.. I think... uhm... I can...very very faintly remember it. Yeah..." the actress in her continued, "what about it?" the latter half came out stronger, with a part of her curiosity showing up, till she composed herself again. 

"Hmm the first day. You remember, you had come with your brother and I was the one to help you both in completing all the formalities?"
"Hmmm..." she was trying to recall if she looked good that day or not. He, no doubt, was the best guy in class. Could she have made a good impression on him, in her lovely pink dress that she wore that day? She knew she had all the beauty to make a man go mad. What could be wrong? Nothing! 
She assured herself, that the day was hers already.

"Okay so right from that day I've been wanting to share this one thing with you, but I always feared what'd you say, what'd you think about me? Thousands of thoughts have somersaulted in me since then and I've been going half mad seeing you everyday and remembering it! You know, 'coz of this one thing, you're the one person on my mind every night before I go to sleep?!" he had said a lot. A lot for her joys to break all bounds. 
It was partly unbelievable for her since it hadn't been too long, but she was confident of herself and more than that, her desirable personality. Being the best two in class, she always knew they were made for each other.

"Okay and what's the point?" she tried sounding rude, as if reminding him of her worth, that who he was going to get was no ordinary girl.

"AND THE POINT IS..." he spoke loudly, the final words very ready to pop out now, "that I love, I love..."
"Excuse me?" she was puzzled. 
"I just love that tee your brother wore that day! ONE HELLUVA exotic, rare Chelsea jersey. Can I get it? Please!? In exchange for just about ANYTHING on Earth?? Or at least let me know where did he get it? Could I meet him? Could he get me another one? I'd die for that peace of marvel. Please help me, you know, I'm CRAZY about SOCCER! Like... like... MADE FOR IT!"

So it wasn't for nothing that she had been able to associate his healthy build with football that day.

"SO?" he was over excited.
"So?" she stood there, feeling cheated. As if someone had ditched her before even getting committed. Worse, she couldn't say that.
"So will you help me? Please!" his excitement was intolerable for her.
"Don't know if you're getting it or not, you're definitely getting one thing right now," she yelled.
His face showed a question mark

And next,

-- her slap was unbelievably hard. 

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Tanay December 8, 2010 at 1:48 PM  

You love to fool the reader :P
I wonder if the guy went nervous (and covered up by using the brother's jersey), or he actually DID want that jersey :D

rachita,  December 8, 2010 at 7:24 PM  

I knew it!
Knew you can never have that perfect, traditional, happy ending..:P

Vini December 9, 2010 at 1:58 AM  

;) lovely..otherwise I don't like reading love stories much..but this one was "entertaining"..mazedaar climax!!..:D

Appu December 9, 2010 at 1:39 PM  

Mujhe pata is prem kahani ka yahi ant hone wala hai :D

Nice read btw...

Abhishek,  December 24, 2010 at 12:19 AM  

But why the slap? bechara boy! He just asked for a jersey..

Buzz December 24, 2010 at 8:34 AM  

Hmmm. Read. Fooled, not by the ending - since I could predict that, but by the word 'short'. It was no way a 'short' love story.

Good one! :)

Sugandha December 24, 2010 at 1:18 PM  

Kamaal hai yaar, sabne predict kar liya tha, jab even I wasn't sure of the ending: whether to make the guy interested in the brother's jersey or the brother himself! :P :D

Abhishek, the girl definitely had higher hopes! :P

Buzz a.k.a Harsh, hmm hmm, I had started out with the intention to keep it short, then lost it. Will probably change it. Thanks for reading and for the honest opinion. :)

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