The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

Is it really love? Or is it just a crush?

Such an out of the world feeling! Simply beautiful, resplendent, breath taking! Passionate but oh-so pure and innocent! A feeling that makes me 'feel' beautiful, a feeling that makes me lose control of myself, a feeling that makes me feel 'blessed', as if I've got all the happiness that I could have asked for in my life. No other emotion can supersede this sensation. Infact, if you ask me right now, it feels like no other emotion can ever match up to the beauty of this aura! Oh god, is it just a crush or is it love?
I want to let myself free and just run about, madly, having the fun of my life, no worries, no tensions, to hell may go everything evil or inauspicious coz I'm happy, happy like never before and it is this true joy that stems from the bottom of my heart that has the magical power to break the cast of even the most powerful jinx. This feeling in my heart has taken over the whole of my mind, body and soul so well that I can sense myself getting out of all my doldrums. No space for gloom! My spirits are at their all time high and nothing displeasing shall bother me now. The world is gonna end? Who cares! I feel like I have already 'lived', how splendid everything around seems!

Yeah all that's true. Every bit of it is. And it's all because of  these drops of ecstasy that are falling upon me, that are bringing every part of me to life, like never before! Oh, how it feels as if I only 'existed' till now, but never really 'lived', only until this moment happened! The whole of me is so thrilled with this bliss, I don't seem to want anything more in life, for I feel so complete.

I'm drenched not just to the skin, but to the core of my soul with these drops of magic, drops of joy, drops of love and of course, drops of, water.
Yeah water, drops of water! Afterall I'm in love, or maybe it's just a crush, whatever it be, it has got everything to do with these pearls falling from the infinite above. Beauty unbound!!! Goodness gracious, it's raining! It's raining love, it's raining joy, it's raining bliss and it's raining, H2O!! Dammit I'm in love with this rain, nothing else in the universe can make me feel so free, so beautiful and blessed. Hence, I am in love. Or is it just a crush? Whatever it be, it's with these showers, the showers of blessings.

That was my attempt to put into words, my ecstatic experience in the rain today. Those few minutes of enjoyment did really have such an impact on me, that am dedicating a whole one post to them, because it was another tryst of mine with nature and its beautiful endowments. I guess I've already told you how much of an impact such encounters with nature's godliness can have on me. (Remember this post?- READ IT :P ). 
By the way,  were you expecting to read something else?

But I still maintain, it's all so true. Not exagerrated at all, infact, maybe one of my few pieces of writing that contain no exaggeration at all! Coz I did really feel all that I said above, felt every bit of it today, when I had one of the most beautiful experiences of getting drenched in the rain. You know why am sharing this here? Coz I never said before that I'm in love with the rains, I really never did. Infact the only thing I talked about, whenever it were the rains being discussed, was the mess out on the roads, the traffic jams, the mud etc. 

Perhaps, coz I always saw only the dirtied grounds, but not the clear skies; the mud laden clothes that covered us, but not the pure green of the leaves that covered the trees...Perhaps coz I never basked in nature's glory, as much and as well as I did today.
All thanks to my sister who again took me to the terrace forcefully today, the second time in this season. The first time, a few days back , I had enjoyed, but today, I experienced it! Initially, I stood there at one corner of the terrace, seeing her enjoy to the fullest. Soon, I stepped into the rain and started running about with her. The zealous girl even slipped once, so badly, but to no effect. It wasn't just the rain, which was driving her, no, 'us', crazy with ecstasy but the winds too! It was all just 'majestic', actually inexplicable. 

"Anyone else on their terrace in any of the houses around. Can anyone see us?" 
''Isn't it a little chilly now. What if we caught cold!?"
"It's raining so heavily. Could there be any insect we can't see but should be careful of, just in case?"
"Too much water. We shouldn't walk too fast lest we might slip and get hurt!"
.....these were the kind of thoughts I had in mind. How can you expect one to enjoy freely with these kinda thoughts somersaulting in the mind! Hence my sister asked me to do all that she was doing, enjoying every moment of being there, feeling like a bird let free. And in no time, I gave away. The result- we ran, we chased each other, we jumped, we danced, we sat on the ground; we stood quietly with our arms wide open,  with eyes closed and heads held high......WOW- Ouch! the rain was fierce, had to lower down the heads a few moments later since it mildly hurt :P

Dunno how well I've been able to put into words what I really, genuinely felt all that time...letting myself free for sometime and just enjoying, without bothering about anything else. Once in a while such moments are very necessary, moments when you just let go of all your reservations and give the bird hidden in you the freedom that it deserves. These moments are rare and infact, their real beauty lies in their rarity. And more often than not, it is nature that gives you these moments of inner joy, so treasure them. I do, or at least try to, whenever they come.
So this was my 'love story'. The second one depicting my love, for nature and its magnificence , isn't it? Wait wait, but is it really love? or is it just a crush? ;)

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Tanay August 1, 2010 at 10:38 AM  

You should have written this post on April 1.

rummana zaidi September 3, 2010 at 1:17 PM  

"I always saw only the dirtied grounds, but not the clear skies; the mud laden clothes that covered us, but not the pure green of the leaves that covered the trees"
i simply loved these lines...... they r beautiful!

SUGANDHA September 3, 2010 at 9:19 PM  

Hey Rummana, you noticed them, my fav too. :)
Thank you so much!

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