The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

When the weather just got me "WONDERING"....

Hey, I just got back. Back from nowhere else, but the terrace of my own house. 

What? Why do I have to tell something as 'minor' as that? What's so 'different' about it that it made me write a whole new 'post' on it, that too on the day when one post had been released already? (you know, such frequent blogging isn't very typical of me...)

You feel like raising these kinda queries? Oh please! Spare me the horror, you are behaving as if you've read all sensible stuff from me till now. BLAH!

Alright, that was insane, as if talking to myself, am so silly, isn't it? Anyway...

Actually the thing is, you probably have an idea about how big an internet freak I am. If you are in touch with me via Facebook or Gtalk, you must be having a fair deal of knowledge about the same. So does my mom. She, infact, is not only well aware of me being an ardent, crazy netizen, but is also frustrated and irritated with the same. Sometimes this frustration shows up and sometimes it doesn't. I understand though, the very sight of me sitting in front of the screen, the nth time in the day  would probably be enough for anyone to exclaim, "HEY RAM!"

What frustrates mom and my other family members is the fact that this damned computer or rather, internet, eats up all my time. So when home, I end up spending nearly 98% of the day in my room, (and most of the left out time when it's been a working day). Exagerrated you may say, but perhaps...

No wonder, she is always up my nerves, when my no-study days are are always there, I meant no-EXAM days, to make me move out of the house atleast once in a day, take a brisk walk in the park, breathe fresh open air, do a tad bit of exercising and other such stuff. Not that I don't like all this, honestly, being with nature is being in an altogether different world for me, so I'd rather love that, but it's just that am too lazy for it-to get up, get ready, move out...zzzz.... 

But when the weather's nice, she tells me to atleast go to the terrace to breathe some fresh air, atleast just for a healthy change from my regular boring routine. And if she forces me enough, I get ready too.....(am telling you, am a bad bad lazy kid of hers! Love you mom! :P)

So that goes the whole story. That's why I was on the terrace till a while ago coz the weather outside is "FAB" right now( around 8:30 P.M as I write this). It felt so amazing to be standing still, with the breeze hitting me as if trying to give me a jerk, the splendid greenery creating a picturesque view with the trees swaying along with the wind, the clouds creating magic with so many different forms and shapes, the birds creating some-funny and some-melodious sounds, as if saying "we too are enjoying!" and flying in the wide sky in well arranged groups to and fro  from one direction to another like little kids in a park on a beautiful day, running about madly, apparently trying to make the best out of the enjoyable moments.


Telling you, my love for nature will never cease to exist. I recall having mentioned this in my post of 'god, spirituality and religion', that among many others, nature is one such endowments to us that makes me believe in the existence of an almighty. I was true to my words, then. From the very days of childhood, nature and it's marvels have had me in ABSOLUTE awe. Let me tell you, a pleasant weather is just as much capable of making me happy, as maybe, good food, good music or let's say, good marks (dreams, I tell you! :P)

And having said all this, I finally come to the main point. Yes, I finally do.

All this just makes me wonder and remember the Sugandha that I was before I entered college. Forget about everything else, I wasn't anywhere in this splendid virtual world, Facebook, Gtalk and stuff....naah!!!
And now, am a 'famous-among-my-acquaintances' internet/social networking maniac sort of. Okay, you may want to remove the 'sort of' here. A day off from college goes of almost entirely in front of this screen and my eyes complain about this no less, like my siblings and my parents. So on a day like this, when I am reminded of my love for nature, of the beauty around and it's magical effect on me, I begin thinking, "me minus the internet mania would have been so much better, perhaps!". It is then that I realize how far technology goes in modifying our lives, how greatly the internet world affects our regular lifestyles. Yes ofcourse, that is the price you pay for remaining connected to the rest of the world, 24 x 7.

Yeah I know, it depends on us, how much space we choose to give to the virtual world, whether or not we let it take control of our lives. That's true, but then, people like maybe, me, don't really think about it and just give in, most of the times....isn't it?

And at the end, I am hereby posting some photos that i clicked, on the terrace, today, a resplendent evening  and another such day, which was a scenic early morning. As you'll see, almost all of them depict the sky in different moods. Sorry but, on a terrace, in a locality, there isn't much 'nature' around to click, other than the profound skies and the trees. So I chose whatever struck me and whatever my 3.2 MP phone camera could do justice to. *wink*

So, here they go. (My Facebook friends may have seen many of them in my album there titled, "I don't know photography :P" )

1. YESTERDAY EVENING-  the sky in various moods :)

When the clouds had just started assembling...

"Lonely...I am so lonely"...when a 'BLOT' creates beauty  :)
as they say, "kuch daag achche hain" :P

Getting denser...

...and darker too...

...with the light showing up in between...

gone with the wind....

when messiness creates loveliness....:)

giving way to the sun rays....

I guess, the sky is more moody than even ME!! :P

are these clouds or hills?(: ....splashes of color that adorn the infinite :)


 2. A PICTURESQUE MORNING SOME DAYS BACK- Mind you, I already mentioned- "I DON'T KNOW PHOTOGRAPHY"!!! :p 

The rising Sun that paints the sky crimson...

I don't know when and where from the other bird came in...:D

The crimson hue gone, a pretty morning, nevertheless.

^_^ repetitive I know... :P ^_^

later in the day- a contrail in a clear sky

lots of clouds, nothing else ^_^


just that the clouds take so very multifarious forms...:O

scenic- isn't it?

Illusion-  a river of clouds germinating from the Sun :-o

beauty in simplicity

various elements...

MY FAV! The profound sky with a sea of clouds. ^_^

So, that was it. The post and the pics. 

Those captions with the pics, well, okay, I am not a poet, fine? (I doubt if I qualify to be called a 'writer' even, forget poetry. :P) So, if those look silly to you, then well, firstly, it's nothing new and secondly, as I said, am not a poet anyway. :)

And you know what, I won't be surprised if you tell me this was yet another meaningless one, I've got a bit used to hearing such stuff now. So, forgive me if I just ended up wasting your time...

alright, I am too modest. :P

That was all 'noise' above, I guess. But I can't help it. The silence of nature is simply mesmerizing and perhaps un-expressible, so when i try to put into words, it may end up creating no more than a silly clatter of thoughts, like this whole post.   

all that was ......"ME", isn't it? ^_^

See ya, perhaps, not too soon. ;)


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Appu June 26, 2010 at 12:00 AM  

You know what Sugandha. This post got me. Reading this, I was just picturizing myself year before. The same sort of routine I used to have n that Internet thing. I bet this is the story of 90% of the college going and internet crazy guys n gals. But when u r out of college, they are all gone.

Nice pics btw. Although mornings are more important in my life. I like such posts. Light n kinda 'cool'. Heavy stuffs get the mind heavy. These small things makes the life complete, n to b complete is not a small thing(read somewhere).

the shades of crayons... July 7, 2010 at 12:37 PM  

the post is simply ..."simple" n so beautiful undoubtedly! :) cud feel maself at many points!

"But when the weather's nice, she tells me to atleast go to the terrace to breathe some fresh air, atleast just for a healthy change from my regular boring routine. " haha! same is the case in ma home...
loved the pics ..(dat shows that even i dunno photography:P:P :P ) n the captions too! :):)

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