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Inspiration kills

There couldn't have been a more negative statement about the concept of 'inspiration' than the one that constitutes the title of this particular post (Yes, the summary of my first year has been sidelined for now). And I am well aware of that. But it holds true, for me at least.
During my long hours of loitering in the virtual world, I come across so many blogs, so many websites, so many 'endeavors', actually. I am fascinated by the number of people going great guns, when it comes to their lives and dreams. Sure, such people inspire me, inspire many, actually. But to be honest, this inspiration kills me from within and I better admit that by now.
There are a plethora of stories that I, like anyone else, have heard all through my life, about people who took that one step in their life, which left no stone unturned in changing it from just a "life" to a "life that's one of a kind", of course, with loads of effort. Those are the stories that we hear, of people, some extra-ordinary and some, ordinary-turned-extra ordinary. What is that one 'step'? It's an idea!! Now that's what you idea that changes life (this ain't original, I know) and that idea followed by some action.
And then I get inspired. "Wow! Now that is something!", "I wish I could think something like that!", "I also should make some worthy use of my talents!" and so on. And hence, inspiration begins. Begins its job, of killing me within.
You know why? Of course you don't.
Because it's easy to get inspired. But it's more difficult to get motivated. And it's even more difficult, to get GOING!

As I try to figure out, perhaps, those are the three primary steps in the ladder to success - inspiration, motivation and then getting going, getting into action, I mean.
THAT is the root of the problem you see, inspiration without any action kills. And it kills bad.
Like many other people, those moments of "Now I HAVE to do something! Something BIG!" come to me too. The sad part is, they go away in no time, leaving me behind, regretting, wondering and blank. I know there are some talents that I too have been blessed with, I know that given the right direction, there is something worthy that I too can make, but, what? and more importantly, how? What is that right direction? And obviously no one would come over to show me my direction, it's me who has to find it!

So you see, the graph of my motivation is as zig-zag, as it can get. And I hate it! I hate it no end! You know what I'll prefer? I'll rather want to not get inspired at all and continue being the way I am than get inspired, all pumped up and then go fushhh in no time. Nothing can be as good as that at making you feel like a loser like. And knowing it, realizing it, understanding the need of a whole hearted effort to overcome it and yet, continuing with it, all this is plain PATHETIC!

That is how, inspiration kills. Don't dare to term it jealousy, not even inferiority complex. It's just one of the lows. We all have lows, mood swings, right? Like what I had till a while ago and by the end of this post, it seems to have seeped in.
Mom always says, if you want to do something, don't look for support. Have the guts to go with it so confidently, that people come to you for support.
How true, isn't it? What if you have an idea but you go around looking for support so that you can execute that idea. But soon enough, you find that it's too late. As you were busy looking for an external support, somebody took away that sole 'internal' support from you, that is, your idea! All that was needed to make it work was execution and someone else did it. No crying foul now!
Everything was in your hands, till it slipped away coz of your lack of motivation and yes, confidence. And as I always believe, no idea is extra ordinary. It's only the right execution, that can make it so.

What I feel is that, every individual, no matter how lazy, no matter how laid back, experiences that one powerful 'push' in his life, the most motivating one.
And you know what, it doesn't come from behind. It comes from, within!!
And I, for that matter, am eagerly waiting for that one push. The push that will work against gravity and throw me up from low to high, from nowhere to somewhere.

Till then, inspiration will continue, continue to kill me, from within.
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Tanay July 23, 2010 at 9:44 AM  

A very realistic and enlightening post. I liked the analysis of how a big venture comes up... the stages of inspiration, motivation and action. Good!
I so wish that you move beyond that first step, but you are determined not to, as I have observed and as you just confessed.

Aadi,  July 23, 2010 at 5:04 PM  

Inspiring article :P
Action is the first step towards anything big, and small. Inspiration from within is very necessary, more so because of so many distractions.. one needs to be focussed and determined to stop being lazy and get going.
btw.. your post will make many of us feel much less guilty for ourselves :P
Inspiring, isn't it??

Anonymous,  July 23, 2010 at 6:35 PM  

Yeah, Inspiration does kill .. but without it one is no better that dead .. :P
and the push we are waiting for is the realization that there aint gonna be any push. We then start actually working and things start happening.

PS : I dont know what i just said. I might have just jumbled and written what u already said.

SUGANDHA July 23, 2010 at 6:38 PM  

@Anonymous- good to know your point of view, but kindly tell who you are. It'll be nice if you aren't anonymous here :)

SHARDOOL July 23, 2010 at 9:15 PM  

Very convincing article...
Yes, its very true that you do get inspired by seeing someone reach a "top". And then we too decide in minutes : yes, i m gonna do that soon. i'll be there where he is at present.
But this bubble of " i'll do it one day" pops even before u can realize the actual meaning of the thing which u just thought of....
But on the other part, i feel instead of getting inspired we shall take some steps with caution before getting into any kind of endeavor. i guess clarity of mind will be of much use compared to the eagerness and excitement ( to reach the aim ) due to the inspiration which is just-gathered...
Forgive me if am wrong. But that is what i feel.

Appu July 25, 2010 at 12:30 AM  


First of all. Bingo for the post. Now for the topic i would like to tell you from my experience that INSPIRATION can not kill anyone from within. The thing to notice is inspiration and motivation are two different prospects. Inpiration always comes from outside, but motivation comes from within. You always get inspire in one or another way from someone.

Say for example, you have so much knowlege about your subject. You are very gud writer, a very good engineering student. But why are you doing engineering?? why do you write?? Simplest reason is, because you know what you can achieve by doing engieering. You must have seen someone doing this and achieving something in life, fulfilling their dreams. That is what we call Inspiration. Sometimes we dont realize this that anyhow we get inpired from everything surrounding us. Our father, mother, friens, people anyone or anything like trees, mornings, evenings inspires us in some way to move ahead in our life

Once you get inspired, now you need motivation and action to do the things you are inspired for. And those comes from within..

Ofcourse there are times you get inspire but cant take positive actions towards it...and that's where your post clicks me :) I hope I have made my views clear.. dont mind the length of the comment. ;-)

Sourav July 29, 2010 at 9:01 PM  

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act.

SUGANDHA July 30, 2010 at 2:28 AM  

@Tanay- phew...pata nai kya hoga mera! :P Filhal toh the post was okay, good to know that :

@Aadi- Sure, my post can help a lot of people get over their guilt. Infact, I myself help a lot of people get over their guilt. All that I do for it is, waste :-/ Whatever that is supposed to mean.

AAnonymous- Huh....shouln't have expected anyway

@Shardool- thank you so much for reading my post and even more for expressing your viewpoint over it. It's a matter of opinion first of all. Besides it's right, clarity of mind is much needed than an over zealous attitude. No you're not wrong with that at all. Perhaps, those are the pre-requisites after the first step, inspiration and before the last step, action. So I feel! :)

SUGANDHA July 30, 2010 at 2:39 AM  

@Appu- Firstly, I never mind the length of comments. In fact with them, the more the merrier! :D
I see your view point is pretty close to mind with a slight variation. First, when I say it 'kills' am talking about that guilt so strong. Not 'kill' as such but at least for some time, it stays like hell. And no doubt, inspiration is of utmost importance. Precisely why I enlist it as the very first step! Just talking about the other side of it. Whether we let it take us to another level or make us feel guilty at the end, will depend on our actions (or the lack of it!) Like in my case, what I said in the brackets holds true! :P

@Sourav- Thanks for commenting and that is pretty much true! Nothing starts as GREAT, its the execution which makes it so, so even i believe.

NIPUN CHAWLA October 18, 2010 at 8:07 PM  

Nice work. Seems to be one of your best works. very unique....

the "motivation pic" suits.

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