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How To Become An Avid Reader: Task 2

So, here we are, all my fellow lazy-chumps, gearing ourselves for the second task in this series... wait, aren't we?

Apparently, the first task got some 170 odd views. Good enough. Aren't we great at spotting articles that do not carry much to be read? No wonder we are on this series.

For those of you who do not know, I am a lazy reader (and I do not like admitting it all the time, so I won't update you again after this) and so, the not-so-lazy writer in me decided to teach me some lessons on how to improve. So here I am, moving ahead (at a turtle's pace, I know) and, err, talking to myself. Right.

In the last task, we did what? We listed down the names of all the books and websites that we have, or do, read. Now this is cool. We say we have hardly read anything of any use and spend our first day of this mission in enlisting stuff that we have read. *Slow clap* for all of us, people!

I am living in this illusion that I'm not alone here. So please excuse the collective pronouns. If you tell me, "Hey! It's just you who needs this post!", I... I... will not be able to comment anything further. :|

So here's the TASK:-

Seriously, that's very important. Many people gave me suggestions after the last post. But how could they miss out on this one?!

Don't tell a non-reader, "Hey, try reading this book by so and so". If it was that easy to get him off his spot, he wouldn't have been a non-reader at all. Tell him why he should read, and then, how he should begin to read. Who has got the time! eh? Don't ever say that again.

So yes:

1. From the list that you prepared in task one, figure out what genre did you read the most. More importantly, which genre did you enjoy the most? Fiction? Philosophy? Economics and stuff? Or just romance? Just a small side note... if it's the latter most then it better be something classy. I am sure you wouldn't want to turn into a Chetan Bhagat and Co. fanatic, thus rendering all your efforts useless.

2. NOW ask your more able friends to suggest you reading material in that genre. Two precautions:

a) Choose the people you ask for suggestions wisely.
b) Not a bad idea at all to join a readers' community and look up reviews online. Do you realize, this is reading too?

My answer at the end of the task: My most favorite book till date is "The Kite Runner". "To Kill A Mockingbird" comes a close second. I am pretty sure, I love... innocence. Which is why stories of pure emotions, childhood, affect me most easily. I had tried reading "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" once but gave up halfway. It just didn't work for me. I guess I hate philosophy that is not subtle, and is instead preachy right into your face. So yes, my genre is fiction. And in fiction, stories that revolve around emotions, humanity, innocence, purity. If you have any suggestions for this, please do suggest.


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