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This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.


Memories.... snapshots of the loveliest (or the ugliest) moments of life, that created a huge impact on our internal self, 'once upon a time'.
When someone said, "there are some things that money can't buy", he was talking about memories only, I guess. 'Coz nothing can ever be more priceless than these pieces, that when brought together, complete the most puzzling jigsaw of life, called LIFE itself! We cherish them, value them, but don't want to let go of them, ever. Not just 'coz they give pleasure, but 'coz they give definition to the phenomenon called, "growing up".

How many of your "firsts" do you still remember? How many of those 'mind pictures' have faded or begun to fade, and how many are still, as good as new? 

Here's a small attempt to re-realize, how the price of these priceless bits, is no much less than that of life itself. How some things can bring tears in eyes at any point of life, irrespective of how long it's been. Yes.

These are a few of my memories, my "firsts" I still can picture happening, in the backbone of mind, as good as yesterday. This post ain't for me, this post is only BY me, but FOR you. All that you've to do is move down gradually, one by one flipping the yellowing pages of records that our mind, heart and soul have been striving to keep together, since oh-so long. 

1. Your first crush? 

2. Your first day at school?

3. The first time you were able to ride a bicycle without falling, without the supporting wheels, or the supporting hands, of dad?

4. The first greeting card you drew yourself, for someone important?

5. The first time your parents said to you, "I am proud of you my child" and really meant it?

6. The first time you braved to go up on the stage in front of an audience? Maybe to narrate a thirsty crow story or sing a Humpty-Dumpty rhyme?

7. The first moment of pride, when everyone clapped for you?

8. The first time you hit someone?

9. The first time you were slapped for a mistake that wasn't yours?

10. The first time you failed in an exam?

11. The first time you came first? In any kinda competition? 

12. The first time you felt cheated? deceived? maybe by a close one?

13. Your first/worst moment of embarrassment?

14. Your first/best moment of victory?

15. Your first/best noble deed ever?

16. The first time you were laughed at. Maybe 'coz of a silly question?

17. The first time you broke down. In front of somebody. Anybody? 

18. Some special, unforgettable encounter with a stranger?

19. Your first/worst ever accident? Maybe just an escape by chance?

20. The first time someone made your heartbeats run faster? Made you nervous? (you know what I mean.....) see, it's a never ending list. You may like to add more or delete some of the points, as per your will. But that's not important. All that I wish you would do is, sit for a while, in calmness and patience, and recollect as many memories from the past, as possible. They don't have to be your firsts only! They just have to be- memories! Once you are able to just step on that line I want you to take, for the next few minutes, you'll soon see yourself walking the rest of it, on your own. Simply speaking, from one node to another, as you'll pass from one sweet-little-nothing (or everything) of the past, to another, you'll sense yourself getting drenched in the droplets of the heavy showers that follow. 

Trust me, it's more beneficial than what you can even think of. If you could see it through my eyes, you'd be able to see yourself growing up over the years, learning from various mistakes, falling bad but still getting up all the time, loving and being loved, caring and being cared for, laughing and being laughed at, as a child gazing at the world in utter amazement and as a 'grown-up'  telling yourself to 'take care, be mean if needed, 'coz the world is full of scavengers''ll see, LIFE!  Not your life or my life, but life as a whole!

What more can I say. I'm so enthusiastic. My mind is getting flooded with numerous such instances from my own life. But I want YOU to do this. Yes, please do this. If you feel like (if you can overcome your usual laziness) share here, for all of us to recollect similar anecdotes from our own life. It has the power to bring precious-as-pearl smiles, tears, sighs and emotions. I'd only LOVE to read from you, if you allow me to :)

And if you want me also to share these (or more) pieces from my life, tell me about it. I really wouldn't mind it. Infact I'd be only happier, if my readers care about it.

PS- How did I sound? Stupid? Lost? Preachy? Over excited? Or, all of these? 

I don't know. It's just a fantastic feeling to be able to (or okay, try to)  drive others, my beautiful readers, into a line of thought that I've ALWAYS been hooked onto. My sister jokingly calls me, "yaadein taazu". I need just ONE reason/point to trigger the process I just described above, am always on the verge of it. Might be a little pakau for some, but who cares! 
The thing is, of you liked it all, TRY IT!!! And I wish you let me know if any sensation went down your spine/heart/mind etc. If you could feel your own memories fill you with enlightenment. If you too realized, the greatest of all philosophers lies within ourselves, waiting to be brought out in the light. 

Did I forget to mention, it's a very healthy and intelligent mental exercise too? :-)

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Tanay November 16, 2010 at 11:43 AM  

Very nice exercise. I didn't try to strain much to think about the answers, but it was a lovely experience reading the set of questions. Really emotional, as really vague memories passed away one by one, as I came from one question to the next.

Appu November 17, 2010 at 11:51 PM  

Loved it....really nice blog post. I cant tell you how m feeling after reading n thinking over these questions.

Life these days is so fast, your post reminds me everything from my past..seriously. I salute this...nt because this post is written beautifully...because its really IMPORTANT....

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