The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

Soul Sister

A soul sister, is all that I have longed for
That I can never get one, is too a fact I abhor.

Coz it needs great trust and greater understanding
And given my nature, that too seems a longing.

Wonder if it's over-expectation, or my own lack of hope
But a confidant is really needed, in times difficult to cope.

Can there be someone, who will hear me moan
While my face, a plastic smile would adorn?

Can there be someone, who will know am hurt
While my attention I'd pretend to divert?

Can there be someone, who will read my silence
And know if it's bad health or an after-storm trance?

Can there be someone, my tempers who'll understand 
But when treading the wrong path, would take a strong stand?

Can there be someone, my mirror image who will be
Neither lover, nor just a friend, yet unclassifiable as a 'he' or 'she'?

So much like me, yet so much different
Sigh... I know, it's mean to be so stringent. 

For neither am I so great, nor so fortunate
To have that 'one', the yearning of most's fate.

But with so many friends around, when not one can get you right
What else can you do, than bemoan the same plight.

And pen down a 'poem', feelings being the same
Though as it may sound, no matter how lame.

Alas! 'Words' alone have the power to convey
All that I may not otherwise, be able to say.

And hence for now, I award them the title of this so-called poem
For they never hurt or expect, yet accept me, the way I totally am. 

So that was it, a rather 'not my way' of expressing it all
Coz am poetic at heart, though not a poet that 'tall'. 

NOTE: The phrase "soul sister" can be seen to be having multifarious interpretations everywhere, I'd like to mention, here, for me, it refers to a rather hypothetical picture of a 'somebody' not really a lover, but not just a friend too. Not specifically a boy or a girl, but someone way beyond these classifications. Someone you can totally relate to, a mirror image, but maybe minus all of your own negatives, hence the perfect guide, friend, companion, the hand to hold in times of distress, the shoulder to cry on when depressed, the teacher to be scolded by when wrong.......and so on!!!!! Sure, all that I've written above, should say it all. Words are good, but too many of them, can spoil it all. 

Happy reading. :)

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tia September 2, 2010 at 11:00 PM  

heyy sughanda ..
i hv been a kinda regular reader of ur blogs (strtd it ol a week b4
u r damn nyc yrr ..
i mean u hv a gud senseof writing ,i must say ..
keep up ds gud work ... :) :) :)

SUGANDHA September 2, 2010 at 11:02 PM  

Firstly, thanks a lot for the encouragement Tia, it's so kind of you to have read my blog and commented too. :)
Secondly, the name is 'Sugandha'. :P

Sourav September 3, 2010 at 11:01 AM  

Wonderful! What amazes me more that this was the first time you wrote a poem! I believe this came right out of the heart, and this came out effortless! :)

Keep rhyming Sugandha! :)

SUGANDHA September 3, 2010 at 11:05 AM  

You're absolutely right with that!
I will try to...thanks a lot! :)

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