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Girls and Dengue :P

"Your attention please. Dengue is on a breakout and it is very important to beware in this season. As per the directives of the Delhi govt. you have to wear full sleeved white shirts and blue jeans for some time now."

-went the sudden announcement on the telecom by Sister Therese, our principal. I remember, I was in the classical music room then and sir wasn't there. So we had been sitting in groups, chatting. None of us could really believe it initially. Why? You'd have known if you had been in a girls convent where even the kameez of your salwar-suit was not supposed to go above your knees. P.T.A meets, Teacher's Day, even tests conducted in other schools on School offs- an H.C.S girl had to be in uniform anywhere and everywhere. You can imagine how big a lament it must've been for 'her' at times, considering that girls have a life-long fling with their clothes, you know. The white suit with red polka dots was one plight and other schools not being as stringent with the uniform thing as ours, was another. 

"..but make sure you maintain the decorum of the uniform. Keep it simple, the way a uniform is supposed to be."

-continued the announcement, much to everyone's ignorance. The students couldn't care less.

The next day, I found every one quite enthused. Girls, as all were, welcoming every new entry to the class with a smile and a stare from bottom to up and vice versa. This is one thing about girls I sort of dislike, unless it's too simple a uniform, they can't resist checking out each others' outfit, scrutinizing it to the hilt. That's how a girl greets another, normally. And specially on a rare occasion when they are not alike, not in the same uniform. I remember getting a "hiiiiiiiii!!!!" from one of my friends during the Christmas fete while her eyes oscillated up and down, much to my embarrassment since I normally don't resort to such things. It's funny, but we are like that, girls check out girls as much as boys do. 

Anyway, the white shirts that everyone was wearing seemed too ordinary to the female eyes, so it was each others' pair of jeans that caught attention (and comments :P). "Dekh, iski jeans achhi hai!", pointed one of my friends at me in our group when I went for the lunch. I gave a puzzled look saying, "eh, kya hua?" "Nothing, ye keh rahi thi sab extra fancy jeans pehen kar aye hain, which is actually looking silly". "Er, ok!". I couldn't agree more, many seemed to have got way too excited about it, an opportunity of a lifetime sort of, flashing every little bling thing in their wardrobe. 'Uniform', was it?

The teachers had a hard time scolding girls and trying to get everyone's dressing right. The fashionistas stylized the whole look by adorning the classic outfit with accessories- metallic belts, sporty shoes, different styles of tucking the shirt in, various designs and variations in the white shirt( the plain white shirts were soon done away with by many. "Miss, what can we do, we don't have any other and we can't go and buy a new one now!", was the excuse) 
The teachers sighed, the girls enj-aayed (rhyming!! :P)

A caricature of an H.C.S girl
made by some unknown soul 
That was when I was just in 9th standard and every year henceforth, the "Dengue season" had some suffering and some, dressing. :P The word 'uniform' was re-defined and we got to see, what a world of a difference girls could bring to this till now boring thing called 'uniform', given just a little freedom.

Well, life in a girls school surely is a different ball game altogether, keep the debates apart, it's fun in its own right. Some things can be really funny and great and totally adorable and .....blah blah (Oh come on, I spent 10 years in one, what else do you expect me to say? ;) )

PS1: This was a light one. As Dengue breaks out this season again, I was amusingly reminded of it.
PS2: While most girls are like that, others like me, prefer to just observe them(and smirk) ;)
PS3: H.C.S= Holy Child School :)
PS4: I obviously don't remember the exact statements made 4-5 years ago, so the quotes are all that I can remember. :D
PS5: It's funny and lame, I know.
PS6: That's "life in a girls' school" for you. :P

PS7: Oh come on! 6 post scripts are enough! :O

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Sourav August 29, 2010 at 11:03 PM  

A class of traffic havildars with a modern uniform! :p

Anyway it's better then the suit girls of HCS wear! ;)

anita phalswal,  November 18, 2010 at 11:00 PM  

ha ha ha ... nice.. i spent a couple of years in a convent too.. thank God we were not to wear polka dots though...:P

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