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God, Spirituality and Religion

"This is going to be boring"
—is this what your mind said on reading the title of this blogpost? Well, I don't really blame you if it did.
Because I know that most of the people of my generation like to talk and read about more "interesting" stuff, like maybe: movies, songs, celebs and so on.
But some serious talk once in a while won't do us any bad, would it?

Assuming that all your aversions are kept aside now, I shall now proceed with this post:

First things first, WHAT MADE ME WRITE ON THIS TOPIC ONLY? Why not some stuff about some interesting events in my college, some strange and funny experiences with people or maybe a movie? I promise I'll incorporate all things worth sharing in this space... movies , college, friends, T.V shows... just about anything; but that's possible only when there's something really like that... and sorry readers, but, as of now, there is none. :( 

So what? We'll do some serious discussion for now, after all we are the GEN-X... the future stars... blah and blah.

Honestly, I was really really keen on updating this blog .....[even though my exams are still on!!] and i didn't want to write JUST ABOUT ANYTHING , so i even gave pretty much time to thinking about what to write upon can't even imagine how many varied topics came into my mind and finally , i zeroed in on this one.
.........but wait..have i digressed too much from my point ??? coz' i still haven't told you "why this topic only"!!

Well , i just remembered the LONG debate that i and my school classmates once had, during one of our debate club sessions , on the very same topic  and another thing i recalled was a question popped up by a college classmate of mine , while chatting on fb ....he was kindda mocking me for writing in my profile info "I AM SPIRITUAL BUT NOT AT ALL RELIGIOUS!!" .....and he said "what's the difference between the two".....and i said it's something that'll take me a lot of time to explain , i'll tell you later . Now , obviously he didn't bother to ask me again but its good that it gave me something to write about in my blog [:p] and so here i am -sharing my views on  "ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE TOPICS !!".

Oh !!!! i guess it's been pretty long since you started reading and i still haven't begun discussing the MAIN wonder - so TYPICAL OF ME!!!

Sorry readers [ummm!!] but i always fall short of space once i start writing .....i'll try to work on this habit of mine as soon as possible but i guess , right now , you have to be satisfied with just an INTRO to the main post , the real one on "god , spirituality and religion" will very soon be available .......SAME PLACE , NOT REALLY THE SAME TIME BUT BY THE SAME!!!

As of now , I'll sign out [literally!!!] but i promise you to be back soon ........

And comments ,no matter how critical or harsh are MOST welcome .......if you were annoyed by this long "intro" to a main post .......plz plz plz do write about it too........PLEASE remember , i am new to this and bound to make mistakes....and it's you who can really help me improve!!!!!!!!

Ummmm..........DID I GET TO FORMAL ???? SORRY FOR THAT TOO......AND NOW FINALLY , (AGAINST MY WISH )............  BYE!!!!!!

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Tanay December 22, 2009 at 2:03 PM  

you know what
i was at first getting a feeling that you had after all ignored my advice not to get too long and off-the-point. But it turned out to be so very funny... I can't hide my smile actually... you made your reader read everything, promising them a lot, and then telling them to come another time! Very amusing!!!

Its usually advisable to come to the topic as soon as possible, but I personally LOVED this writing style, in which you just NEVER even came to the topic!! i'm still laughing at the expectations u created in first few paras, and then ... at the end... cya later!! LOL

Tanay December 22, 2009 at 2:10 PM  

waiting for the actual post now. Would be gr8 to know ur interpretation.

I'm interested in philosophical things like these. We all choose to believe in religion and spirituality and God just coz our parents tell us to, but few of us choose to ponder over all of this and make our own observations n theories... I've also done a lot of thinking on this... my thoughts are on my blog.

SUGANDHA December 22, 2009 at 2:48 PM  

hehe.....thnx..actually i don't thnk at all once i strt writn smthng...the same thng happened here also ....but then i really realised that its gettng longfor no reason ...n then ofcourse your advice .....i decided to end it , though i was wondering how frustrated the reader MIGHT get.....i hadn't planned it to be that way but IT JUST ENDED UP BEING SO......YEAH , VERY AMUSING !!!! ...BUT THIS WON'T WORK EVERYTIME IAM SURE ..!!!

SUGANDHA December 22, 2009 at 2:51 PM  

actually THE MAIN REASON y i ended it was that i need more space to devote to the topic wen a lot of space went into VIRTUALLY NOTHING ....i thot this shudnt go waste , i dont want to cut out nythng so now lets try n end it here!!!!!.......pretty relieved that its amusing and not infuriating!!!!

Tanay December 22, 2009 at 4:32 PM  

No no it wasnt infuriating at all! But yeah, u r right, wont work always!!

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