The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

He Got Drunk, He Got Sunk

"Try it once!" they yelled at him.
"No, no!" he kept saying.
"Aren't you a man?" they challenged him.
He felt awkward, but kept protesting.
"Grow up, Bonjo!" they yelled.
"Only one shot!" they urged.
"Guys, no, please..." he kept begging, 
When one of them rose up and,
His lips tasted booze, for the first time...

That was one day, today is another,
He hasn't stopped drinking since.
What they said would be an adventure,
Turned out to be a dangerous venture.
A caring brother and an obedient son,
Is what Bonjo once used to be.
Today people have a lot of fun,
Watching him spend nights on the street.

"What was his fault?" his ailing mother weeps,
"Innocence?" she questions, "or bad friends?"
"What is my fault?" she wonders often,
"That I brought up my son well,
"Only to be left in old age, alone?"

Fred, the guy who had forced him that night,
Is today an eligible investment banker
Mark, his closest buddy of those times,
Is America's most respected doctor.
Julie, the girl Bonjo loved the most,
Is happily married to a famous advocate.
Ziya, Bonjo's trusted confidante and pal,
Is a wealthy entrepreneur, owns a mall.
All of them, and more, were there that night,
When Bonjo was to taste his end.
What had seemed to them an amusing sight,
Is damaged today, beyond any mend.

I wish to tell all my readers and friends,
There is more to "life", than alcohol.
Eat, sing, dance, travel, and explore
Look around, there is beauty galore.
But don't cork yourself, like a bottle of wine
No, you won't get any better with time.
If you really want somebody to taste "life"
Take them out, make them happy, love truly
Do not, but, in the name of giving
Give them venom, make them unruly.

Bonjo got drunk that day
Bonjo is sunk today
And no one, but he, is suffering,
Apart, of course, from his helpless mother
Whose eyes are transfixed at the door, waiting.

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mole removal August 8, 2012 at 12:16 PM  

This is what really happens... It starts with a joke but may be harmed without repair.

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