The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

5 Tricks That Will Make You Funny, or Lame, or Both...

Always wanted to be the cool one in your gang? Need to develop a sense of humor to impress that girl? Find yourself boring and colorless? Yes? Do NOT follow these tips. They have been tried, tested and over-tested on poor old friends for ages now. Only Charlie Chaplin can make them look funny again. Or you could try, at your own risk.
1. Make horns on your innocent friend's head when a group photo is being clicked. HOW INNOVATIVE, NA?

2. When that ignorant little friend of yours is about to sit, pull away the chair. They'll be so amused by this uncommon prank that you will see the face turn red. Just remember that redness of the face could be a result of various feelings—embarrassment, shyness, amusement, hurt or... absolutely crazy anger.

3. Bark crap when the friend (our specimen for the whole dissection, that is) gets a call from home. So while he/she is nervously mumbling, okay mom-yes mom-no mom, you're shouting out at the top of your voice—oye, is it your girlfriend/boyfriend on the phone? Hangover not yet over, mate, why do you drink so much? Dude, your cigarrete's smoke if suffocating me! It's okay yaar, you will pass in the next exam... I hope.
Funny or not, one thing is for sure—yours might just be the next photo to be received on Bob Biswas's phone. Ahem... God save you after that.

4. When someone is telling you something serious, interrupt, "hey, look who is behind you!" Numbed and shocked when they turn around to check who it is, break out, "April fool banaya... hee-hee!"
TRUST ME, you'll be marked the king/queen of poor jokes and pranks for an eternity!

5. Alright now, your friend has committed the heinous crime of sharing with you a secret; that too a secret about who his/her latest crush is. Needless to say, you have GOT TO: hmm-hmmmmmmm each time the crush passes by, grin devilishly (and make it visible too) if the two happen to be talking or, say, exchanging notes, and most importantly, ask for a ransom (read "TREAT") everyday on the pretext, "should I tell him/her how much you like him/her!? After all I'm your only true friend!"
If your friend doesn't end up cursing the day he started thinking that you're his/her "FRIEND", I'll change my name to... umm... 'Sugandha'. Promise.

Yeah yeah, I know I'm so funny. 

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