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`Earthquake aala rey` ...

HAAN to bhaiyyon aur behno, if this gets posted, it will be my random-est ever! And most spontaneous too!
For those who don't know, Delhi-NCR just experienced a quake. Some 5 minutes or so before the clock hit 12, hum dilli-waalon ke literally 12 baj gaye!! :D 
Imagine this scene:

I am sitting, watching T.V—merely changing channels, actually. (How boring :-/)
Mom's sleeping. My brother and sister are sitting in the next room—the former eating Sweet Lime (chuck English, Mausambi is what I'm talking about) and my sister, studying. Thus, I have no one to talk to (How very boring!! :-/)
Suddenly, as I land on to some cry-baby-saga on T.V, the ground below my feet starts shaking. Not just figuratively, but literally! And intensely. (How NOT boring! :D)
Mom wakes up too, almost instantly. My younger brother, otherwise always trying to act like a super-stud, comes running—with his hands on his head, an expression so strong and fearful as if he just saw a Python and the inherent innocence of a 16 year old (awwww) (how interesting! :D)
         Before I can realize what happened, the first mini-second right after that brief quake, I tend to see this as an opportunity to get him scolded (hoohaha :B), thinking it's probably him who has done something which led to all of us shaking. The next mini-second, I realize that's actually not possible. 'Coz no matter how hard he tries, shaking a whole house from its roots it still, umm, a little difficult, you know. 
         And the next second when all of us have known what we had been through, I and mom rush out to the balcony to see what's happening around. As expected, but gradually only, lights in every house start glowing up again. A family on the ground floor is all out already, walking on the road while making conversations with passers-by and each other (arey mai to so rahi thi!). Another one is inquiring from everybody who's coming in their line-of-view (aapko bhi laga kya? bada tez ki aya tha na!) and still another one is on phone relatives ka haal chaal poochne ke liye (apna haal chal ensure kar lene ke baad finally, that is)
         Mom goes to sleep again (:O). I come to my room and begin texting some of my friends, getting mixed responses ranging from .."it was scary but fun!" to "Haan ho gaya ab to. Am sleeping now. ZzzZ" to "OMGOMGOMG I am crying!!!!!!". Next, though I had planned not to, I switch on the computer to see what everyone has "on their mind" on Facebook, and also to share mine. Expected as hell, the news-feed is already brimming with posts like: 'Quake!', 'Earthquake!', 'OMG I'm scared! :(:(:(' (yeah yeah it was a girl. Sigh), 'bad day for Delhi after the blasts' (hmmm) and other witty/funny/serious/stupid ones. The point is, everyone is, and has been all that while, making complete use of the opportune moment to fetch maximum likes—in case they are left alive, that is. The attempt bears fruit in the end. Facebook has made us laughable creatures, or what?

After laughing around at life, people and everything, trying to act funny in the light of the moment and taking digs at things here-'n'-there, I finally get back to normalcy. And so do the others, perhaps. Afterall, no one wants to be accused of being repetitive (even if they/we are :P). But my normalcy, I assume, is a tad different from most others. The reason being, if my state before the quake is being taken as the normal one, it wasn't so. In any sense of the word.

Thus, what started off with a defeated view of life: "—And when the 2012 destruction of the world is what you start hoping for, is there much left to life anyway?—", ends with a way lighter take at it: "LOL! Reporters reporting live about the quake in their pajamas, people rushing out to their balconies to discuss their experience, families sitting together to share old stories about earthquakes, instant forwards (imagine..."this was Rajni's phone on vibration mode!:D), flooding news-feeds and WHAT NOT!
Hum dilli waale funny hain yaaar! :D:D:D
P.S: With legs still shaky, maza a gaya! :P (bas dobara na aye) :D" 

A couple of seconds and I'm shown the difference between life, life-less-ness and death. A few more seconds, and I have forgotten all that is not -so-good at the moment in and about life. Dare imagine it giggling while we're freaking out, as if yelling with a smirk, "in your face! Bloody humans!?" But only smiling inside, at how subtly it had driven us all away from our usual rants. Perhaps, the real face and value of life comes only when one is nearing death.
Hence proved, nature is wonderful. And to top on that, it has an amazing sense of humor.
P.S: The way things are moving these days allover the world, little school-children will soon be having another essay to learn and recite apart from "My first day at school", "My first bag", "My first holiday" etc ...."My first Earthquake"
Any Déjà vu to share?? :)

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