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Songs of a legend called "Kishore Kumar"

I wanted to do something related to music. "What better than blogging," I thought.
I wanted to begin the noble task with a sincere post about someone/something totally great. "Who better than Kishoreda," I thought again. 

Lucky I was, to be bugged by the novel idea of exploring more, the eternal love of my life called "music", on the day when one of the... no, THE greatest legend of Hindi Music was born—Kishore Kumar(4 August 1929 – 13 October 1987).

Kishoreda left the realm of this planet at least four years before I was thrown onto it. Thanks to the advent of technology, the very face of Hindi Music has turned upside down since those times, bringing us to an age where people with merely "different" voices are being called "singers". Sometimes, not even that. Music has become more 'corrective', than 'creative' these days.
Ironically, it is because of technology itself that we can still listen to the greats who were singers because they were really, genuinely gifted–singers. That was the era of simplistic music: one or two simple instruments aesthetically doing their job and a strong, beautiful, touching voice steering clear through it, imparting to the true lovers of classic music eternal delight. Sigh.

Thus, I owe a million thanks to my dad's evergreen cassette-collection, the T.V, the internet etc. With the cheap songs (allow me to make a probably exaggerated generalization here) being produced (and massively appreciated for reasons whatsoever) these days, I would have never known what singing actually is all about, had it not been for these blessings of technology to mankind. Listening to naturally gifted greats has helped me realize over time, what simple, but simply soothing, music is. Needless to say, Kishoreda tops the list of such maestros.

I don't know how many songs he actually sang in his life, but, I'm quite sure that an unbelievably huge number of them constitute Hindi Music's evergreen renditions. There can never come a voice more, or as, romantic, honest, natural and convincing as his. Here, I share with you some personal favorites from his awe-inspiring renditions that I have heard. In no specific order. For I'm too small to be able to rate them.

1.      Ek haseena thi (Karz):This song is special for more reasons than one. First, because of the legend who voiced it. Second, because it was literally 'ahead of its times' in all terms: picturization, choreography, costumes, set, music. The best part, the song connects very well even with our generation, owing to its foot-tapping beats, the Disco-Era's raw feel and simply because it is fun to sing and play!

2.      Om Shanti Om (Karz): Another song from the same movie that brought with it an unforgettable phase of groovy Hindi Music, particularly because of its vivid flavors from various genres. The song tells a story. Shaan re-delivered it in a new avatar, for the movie "Om Shanti Om" and it was good, but the fact that it came as it did, 27 years after the original was made, demotes it to the level of nothingness. 

3.      O Saathi rey  (Muqaddar ka Sikandar): I love this song. I totally do. One, because of Amitabh's emotional dialogue-delivery and two, because of the song in itself: I, at least, am touched by both. Songs for heart-broken lovers are being written today as well, but can you see the beauty of simplicity shining through in this one? As if an honest heart's poetry in play.

4.      Aap ki aankhon mein kuch (Ghar) and Phoolon ke rang se (Prem Pujari): "Romantic" is the word for these ones. I particularly love the second one out of them. Very poetic. :)

5.      Pyaar humein kis mod pe le aya (Satte pe satta): This is my childhood favorite!!!!! It's fun, it's slow and fast, it's serious and light, it's good and best, it's sad and happy. Isn't that so damn amazing? "haaAAaye!!" Epic! :D :D

7.      O mere dil ke chainn (Mere jeevan saathi): No one can match the ease with which Kishoreda pulled off every single song so amazingly that it'd seem easy to a layman, when it actually wasn't. There were just too many elements that he added from his side: humor, fun, romance, purity, honesty, clarity ..just too many! No wonder, he was truly magical.
     And this is another such rendition. Kishoreda, romantic as ever. 

8.      Aane wala pal, jaane wala hai (Golmal): I love this song. The song can tells us the right the spirit of life without sounding dead serious. "Aane wala pal jaana wale hai, ho sake to isme zindagi bita le"...

9.      Rim jhim gire sawanLovely music, lovely singing, lovelier lyrics. Certainly one of Kishoreda's best. This is what you may call, poetry singing with classical music. I love.

10.  Dilbar mere (Satte pe satta): I love the movie. I love its music. This is another beautiful piece. Oh come on, I don't really have a hundred reasons to love these songs. They are all simply..awesome!

11.  Mere naina sawaan bhaado (Mehbooba): I personally find it funny seeing Rajesh Khanna playing guitar in this one. :P But it's a very emotional rendition on the whole.

12.  Aaj rapat jaaye (Namak Halaal): It's such a fun song! And undoubtedly, the best Hindi rain-song too.

13.  Pyaar diwana hota hai (Kati Patang): This is such a soulful song. R.D Burman's association is like icing on the cake. Another popular romantic number from the legend is: Hum bewafa hargiz na the. (With due respect to the man, I so damn hate the tribal's coded lyrics and jhinga-lala-hurr-hurr portions in it)

14.  Thoda hai, thode ki zarurat hai (Khatta Meetha): Another personal favorite. The song is an inspiration and a very important, yet forgotten, message too.

15.  Musafir hun yaaron (Parichay): There are some songs that can bring a smile to your face in the worst of times. This, I believe, is one of them.

16.  Choo kar mere man ko  (Yaraana): Simply lovely. :)

17.  Kuch to log kahenge (Amar Prem): A very very very important message. Deep. From the same movie, Chingari koi bhadke—very sad, very intense. Much heard and loved too.

18.  Ke pag ghungro baandh meera naachi (Namak Halaal): Comic! And classical at the same time :D This, along with Ek Chatur naar bring about our beloved Kishoreda's funny streak so funnily, no? Sheer fun. :D

19.  Inteha ho gayi, intezar ki (Sharaabi): Kishoreda and Amitabh—what could be better! The rendition is unique, lovely and gets onto the tongue so easily. Plus, Kishoreda's ever-so-unmatched oodling in the beginning! Another adorable song from the same movie: De de pyar deLove the music.
Then there is Manzilein apni jagah hain from this movie. A magically intense and touching number again. Superb lyrics, great music.
Damn, did my vocabulary shrink or am I really so short of adjectives?!

20.  Rote hue aate hain sab (Muqaddar ka sikandar): As a kid, I loved the film. Even more, I love the song. Every word is so damn true, I say.
(Isn't Mr.Bachchan on that bike looking way cooler than our Mr.Abraham?)

21.  Zindagi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar (Safar) :And I conclude the list with one of Kishoreda's most poetic, philosophical songs. Intense.

Kishore Kumar ji has sung hundreds of songs, and more. Certainly, what I have got to hear out of them may not even constitute a fraction. The fact that I started with the aim of enlisting 10 songs but very helplessly, ended up with around 26 of them, that too when I haven't enough been fortunate enough to hear "much" of this legen-don't wait for it-dary voice , very well reflects this. These were the songs I could think of at the moment. There must be others that I missed. Share your favorites from the legend's rendition in the comments below.

A final bow of to one of the most, most versatile singers of not just India, but the entire world.
Magical, emotional, honest, gifted, poetic, romantic, adventurous, unique, fun and MoRe ...the entire combination, thy name is—KISHORE KUMAR!! 

A final bow of *RESPECT* to the most celebrated voice of Hindi Music. And justifiably so. 
Finally, as Kishoreda says ...ruk jaana nahi tu kabhi haar ke, kaanton se chalke milenge saaye bahar ke, O raahi...! :D

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