The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

Engineering a non-geek's rants

There are things that I want to do
Others, that I ought to do
Still others, that I'd hate to do
Sadly, those are the ones I ought to do.

Meet me—a to-be Software Engineer
Who loves to sing, dance, write, talk and hear
With coding not a part of the long list
Engineering, with me, seems a little pissed. 

Guess what? I still don't care
"I'll do what I like," I proudly declare
So I blog, I sing, I write poems and updates
That are anything, but, technical greats 

Not that I totally suck ...naah
Not that I totally rock ...blah
Just that I rock at what doesn't really matter
And suck at what constitutes, S/W Engg's platter 

Am I complaining? No, I say
Am I enjoying? No no no, I say!
Am I confused? Yes, I say
Am I still enthused? Well, yes I say.

'Coz everybody has his/her own strength
That giveth a person, their own wavelength 
So all that I can do, someone else can't
And what they can, might be causing my rant

Now here is the punch, here is the key thing
That makes me this poet and them, the "king"
—While we sit and cry, 'bout being stuck in the wrong place
They continue to grow more, and move ahead at a fast pace 

'Coz they're lucky or what, that their passion is their career
Unlike folks like us, who find it tougher to steer clear

But there IS a good part—something to rejoice
The fact that I am doing, all that's my choice
So it keeps me happy, it keeps me hopeful 
That someday, all of this, may prove to be useful 

It anyway is better, than joining the 'rat-race'
Where only leaders have eyes, others are blind apes 
The blind try to copy, the ones who have a vision
All this, in the name of "cut-throat competition"

Devil I care, 'bout either of the two 
In the end we all shall be, who we deserve to 
Just that my patience, is constantly being put at test
'Coz you know what, it sucks not being the best.

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