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Notes that 'touch': A musical rendezvous

"Get committed to someone who won't break your heart
Who'll make you see life, beautiful like a symphony by Mozart
Who'd pierce through your shell, to make you emote
Who'd take you to heavens, within you but remote
With who you could be, whoever you are
Inspired, awakened, forever cared for
Who'd read your heart and reflect your state
All this, without a word being said
Stop looking around for this love ain't humane 
Who else, but music, can take away all pain"

I wanted to write about music, but my heart didn't allow me to proceed so simply. Hence the lines above.
If I were to ask you to name one thing more beautiful than music, 'love' could be your only possible answer. But I won't buy it still, for music in itself is one form of love, the only difference being that it is purer, sweeter, more enlightening and most importantly, in no way hurting.

'Love life', they say, is a phrase meant to encompass everything about you and your love(r). 
Allow me then, to coin for myself a phrase 'music-life' on the same lines, for who else but music, is my first and last love for life.

Now, my 'music-life' till now has had two stages: one, that ended with school life and two, that began with college life. The former was more of a first level- basic, but still most important, because this was when one I was introduced to music as a form of art, to be able to develop an individual taste later. I was an amateur here, trying to understand music and its impact on me, deciding on what suits/soothes my ears and what doesn't, and eventually realizing how one powerful piece can shake me from within, how the shabad-gurbaani I got to listen to, as part of my upbringing, affects my soul and soon I realized that am not religious, but a theist nevertheless, 'coz I didn't blindly worship the assumed presence of a superpower, I could feel it. Hence music helped me frame my religious/spiritual views. I am darn sure I would've been a non-believer in god or anything else, had it not been for the impact of music on me.

But all this while my domain was largely confined, 'coz there was hardly any global music I had explored- mainly because I was not a part of the virtual world till I entered college (which had its own share of merits). Hence I had no idea what rock, metal, psychedelic, trance et al could possibly mean. No regrets about that, however.

In this post-series I shall share with you all some of my most special 'discoveries' on the internet/elsewhere. Renditions that somewhere form an integral part of my life, since music in itself DOES. Like I always say, "Music makes me happy, music makes me sad. Music does to me, what no human can."

The born connection
I shall also try to travel back in time to revive lost golden memories of music that was 'music' in the truest sense unlike the 'jhandu baam', 'sheila ki jawani', 'tinku jiya (whhhhhat on Earth is that I wonder!) or 'aaj chair kheech raha hai kal meri skirt kheechegautter bull-shit doing the rounds these days!. It is lost now, forever. Thanks to technology (sarcastic), that purity of music can never be restored or revived now. But thanks to technology (non-sarcastic), it can at least be 'stored' forever- to be listened to, seen and felt any time, in the form of CDs, cassettes, computer or the internet itself.

Let me tell you, I have a voice that can, umm, sing. Yeah, that's it, I know any voice can just sing, but the least I can say is that I AM able to make a teeny-weeny bit of sense while singing (in case you thought otherwise :P). I inherited it from my father whose choice of music (played on the traditional cassette tapes) I grew up listening to. Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Jagjit singh, Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan were obviously and always on the list, like most dads and granddads of our generation. There were some other artists too, some folk/Pakistani artists and bands. Even 'Junoon' was on the list. All of this formed the first phase of my music-life. 

When I entered college, I got an internet connection, (luckily w.r.t music, but unluckily w.r.t studies). Ever since then, I have found more and more music to love and listen to. It was a milestone in itself since I hadn't had much (or okay, ANY) exposure to English music before that. I might sound like one-who-used-to-be-a-total-geek but I don't think it's difficult to guess that I wasn't so, or rather, COULDN'T be so, given how badly I score in any field not pertaining to the use of creativity. So this period, starting from Justin Beiber's Baby and Taylor Swift's Love-Story to Iron Maiden and POTF, forms the second phase of my, need I say again, music-life.

Not wanting to burden you with more, perhaps boring, takes on this account I shall take a break here. Wait (if you feel like, that is) for the subsequent posts in this series totally dedicated to the biggest and most passionate love of my life, music. 
You might call them music-reviews, but let's not. It's just, sharing. And the least I can promise you about them is, if you enjoy music in any form, you perhaps shall enjoy all that is coming up next. 

Written a one-on-one interactive, non-fictional account after a real long time. Hope to stay connected. Feedback awaited. :)


thanks for reading...

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Tanay May 5, 2011 at 1:00 PM  

Eagerly waiting for the other posts :) Great piece of poetry to begin with. Loved each and every line. "Who can take you to heavens, within you but remote" is classic.

Anonymous,  May 6, 2011 at 10:39 AM  

I lack the aesthetic means to appreciate poetry as an expert or a regular so all I can tell you is that the above poem was really nice.

What you said about most of today's music being rotten is sadly correct. Even I don't find many songs worth listening to. Songs today are custom made according to public taste and demand; most composers today function as suppliers, not artists. It's indeed sad.
Looking forward to your next post.


Aadi jain May 7, 2011 at 4:08 PM  

Cool!! So the music blog is finally coming up! All time hits and the new releases! Oh i am so waiting to get a lot of new songs to listen to! Bring it on real soon!!
btw...the music playing in the background is really awesome! mentions their names somewhere, atleast the first one! and best of luck with this blog, will be following keenly :)
oh ofcourse.. poem was good.. "within you but remote" was nice!!

Prateek June 13, 2011 at 7:50 AM  

The opening lines were written so nicely. Whenever we engage our-self in music it somehow changes the mood depending upon the genre played.
Nice post Sugandha.

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