The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.

"I'm angry"...a (wannabe) rap

I am angry ... just leave me alone
Don't mess it up more by being such a drone

I tell you ...I..I..I tell you to go
But here you are, nodding a big no!

No no, no no, no no I say
You have to, yeah have to be away

You tell me, you're gonna stay close by
Bull-shit! That sounds real awry!

I've said, yeah said I'll be fine
I mean it, yeah mean it you swine!

For being close, is only more suffocating
As it takes the space, for which am dying

It's easy, yeah easy just try
Leaving me as I am, than sticking close by

Some minutes, some minutes n I'll be good
Than the hours we'll waste, on being misunderstood

You'll try n be sweet, I'll retort badly
('coz am angry, yeah 'coz am angry)
you'll be hurt that way and bah! I'll be more angry

'Coz my temper, yeah my temper's freaking short
Which one should NEVVER, never try n sort

Why am angry, I just don't know!
I have no, no reason here to show

Just that there're people, my life who screw
But the only one who cares, is dammit, you!
And look, oh look, oh look what I do!
End up hurting the one, the one that's you!!

That, yeah, that is what it is
I don't want this anger, bloody anger to be a tease
Bruising all along, the ones who matter
Turning into guilt, later yeah later
'Coz the angry me, I tell you, is Satan coming to life
Making my (lil) goodness seem N.O.T alive

This anger is a devil, the devil within us
Sucks all goodness, creates a huge fuss

It can, no no it DOES!
does make me do mean mean stuff
My (lil) sanity, it takes away
And I become a bad girl, 'rapping' this way.

Huh. Yeah.

Wonder why there're no pictures of girl-rappers around? :P


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