The author of this blog stopped writing here long time back. The posts published here embarrass her now. And hence, there is very little chance that she is going to write here again.

This blog is hence declared to be in a state of COMA.


CAUTION : I had NOTHING to write , so that is what i wrote , in this post ....NOTHING !!!!!! :P

This one is meant to be absolutely light , just for some time-pass ,really no offence meant  , so just chill and enjoy another pointless argument from who else but , me! 

I am quite sure that you must have atleast heard of this book titled "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus" . I here say 'ATLEAST heard of this book' coz i myself have ONLY 'heard' of the book .The non reader that i am , this is yet another famous book that i have never bothered to see and most probably will never bother to see.WHY? Do you think i'll flip through a two hundred plus pages just to 'understand' how do men and women differ ? SPARE ME THE HORROR!!!

OK , that statement was perhaps an exaggeration .But still , it's true that i am not really interested in knowing how the Adam and the Eve species differ , not atleast AS MUCH AS THE FORMER OF THE TWO  .

In case you haven't been able to figure out what exactly am i trying to say , firstly , there's nothing new in this , secondly , i'll still try to make it clear . Well , a little reserved that i am ,atleast as a writer or blogger , i always refrained from talking about teenage issues like infatuation , crushes , love e.t.c e.t.c here (that am anyway not too many posts old here is another matter :P) . This , inspite of the fact that i know that such topics garner more interest from the readers than spirituality or the wrecked up buses that we have to travel in or maybe some random ideas and i don't blame the readers for it being this way since i am aware that my readers are almost all young college people like me who are more interested in all the Cupid related stuff.  (the 'like me' is not valid at this point , OK!)!*BUT*  , i feel that guys are much more interested in this kinda stuff than we girls .  It seems that one field of interest common for all guys is this only , but only second to another one , that is , understanding girls!!!

What i said above is surely not an overstatement , though it seems awkward to me and maybe to you too . I spent 10 years of my school life in a girls school , the first 2 that i spent in a co-ed are hardly significant . The reason why i am mentioning this is that even though i have hardly known guys , yet some typical statements that have ALWAYS reached my ears /eyes include "you girls are so strange!" , "why are you girls so unpredictable " and the most common one "we men can NEVER UNDERSTAND THESE GIRLS!!!"

And one day , when a friend of mine said the same thing , it was the limit , that very day , work on this post began , ( I simply can't help and curb this tendency to first explain 'why' i am writing what am writing , in a particular post , no matter how uninterested you might be :P)

The epilogue is that there are a hell lot of things that even we girls don't understand about boys [for example, we don't understand WHY AT ALL do you people need to expend so much of your time , energy and brain , trying to decipher a girl's words or actions , when even you know that you won't be able to succeed in it! ? ;);) ] .I could have mentioned those here itself but considering that the list is really very long (:P) i feel that those points can be better utilized to add another post (which lazy bloggers like me always fall short of :P), maybe titled "Yes,we won't understand you....coz we r from VENUS !!!!!" :D . Coming back to the point ,  why is it that while we choose to be complacent about not being able to understand very many things about you people , why do YOU people have to create such a fuss about the same???? I mean , we are NATURALLY different , the words 'man' and 'woman' ; 'girl' and 'boy' , are ANTONYMS   , so its pretty logical for the two different species to behave differently , rather oppositely!

So fellas , try and understand , when two beings are different it's hard for them to understand the other one's behavior but that doesn't mean that you have to go around bemoaning this . (in Facebook notes or groups or elsewhere , everywhere actually)  .

Hence my appeal to all you "Martians" , the next time you are not able to understand why that girl SAID what she didn't MEAN or why she didn't she SAY what she actually MEANT  , just remember that 
1. that is how it is and it is where the fun is , isn't it ? :P
2. the situation is no less funny on the other side.  INFACT ,  wait to know a little bit about how things are on the other end till my next post . So , no more cribbing about this and going about making stupid stereotypical conclusions about the " holy successors of Eve" , coz whatever it is , we still rule !!!! ;-) :)

P.S: Dedicated to all the girls making guys go crazy asking themselves " HUH?? NOW what did she mean ?? " :P

oops.......did this post make you say the same for ME  ??? :P 
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harsh,  April 5, 2010 at 9:04 PM  

brilliant u made a fool of us by making us read all this and the end result was...we already know this..but still thanks for writing

vidya April 28, 2010 at 4:35 PM  

Ya, what u have said is right. It is difficult to understand us, sometimes it is worth a try.
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deepa kashyap May 4, 2010 at 11:46 PM  

nice one !!
i completely agree wth u over d point "Do you think i'll flip through a two hundred plus pages just to 'understand' how do men and women differ ? SPARE ME THE HORROR!!!" dat ws really suberb n true as well :D

Appu May 31, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

Nice one. True in all senses as far as the crowd goes. But..what I think personally is a guy can understand a girl more than anyone else and vice verse.(ofcourse we cant understand all).

SUGANDHA May 31, 2010 at 10:33 PM  

@deepa- hehe, thank you so much :)

@Appu-ya, but i think that its another kind of an equation that you are talking about...i am here referring to the crown, as in, the majority only. :)

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